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  • A Man's Zinc

    A Man’s Zinc is a bio-available zinc supplement that provides you with a great way to support the health of your prostate, while also increasing immune function. Over the past decade, scientific research has increasingly highlighted the important role that zinc can play in the maintenance of prostate health; both in terms of protecting cellular DNA from oxidative damage, and in terms of improving the strength and stability of individual prostate cells.

  • Alkaline Inline Filter Cartridge

    The Biocera alkaline antioxidant filter cartridge is an inline cartridge that alters the properties of filtered water into mineral-rich, health-promoting alkaline water containing molecular hydrogen. While water run through reverse osmosis or carbon filtration systems provides water that's superior to that coming from the tap, the Biocera filter further enhances its quality by raising its pH. 

  • Alkaline Mineral Stick

    With the Biocera Alkaline Mineral Stick, you can quickly and easily turn your bottled water into alkaline antioxidant water. Developed by leading bioceramic manufacturers Biocera, the stick is composed of several types of bioceramic mineral. Simply add the stick to bottled water and in a few minutes you'll have clean-tasting hydrogen-rich alkaline water. What could be simpler?

  • Alkalising Teabag

    This isn't any old tea bag, it's an Alkalizing Antioxidant Teabag. When its minerals react with water, the alkalinity will spike and the production of active hydrogen will commence. Composed of NSF-certified safe ceramic balls, the teabag is reusable, lasting for a period of two months. Oh, and its minerals also emit far infrared energy to beneficially change the water's structure. Brew-tastic!

  • Alkalizing Water Sachets

    Coral Calcium mineral sachets are a great, convenient way to transform your ordinary tap or bottled water into water that is much better to hydrate and alkalize the body. When added to water the sachets will raise the alkalinity of the drinking water. It will also help to buffer any chlorine in the water because of the ionizing antioxidant properties of the minerals. The sachets will add a diverse spread of trace minerals to the water in addition to the calcium from the coral. 

  • Alkamax

    Alkamax is an alkalizing supplement that contains a number of mineral salts designed to improve the alkaline balance of the body. It is ideal for those suffering from health challenges, those that have an underlying acid problem, or those of us who wish to enjoy a boost to our overall body pH. Alkamax contains over 400mg of magnesium carbonate as well as a healthy dose of potassium.

  • AlkaPod Ionizer

    The AlkaPod is a portable alkaline water ionizer that lets you transform ordinary tap or bottled water into healthy alkaline ionized water wherever you are. The easy-to-carry stainless steel vessel utilises a range of special natural minerals to supply you with the water everyone's talking about – alkaline antioxidant water, also known as hydrogen-rich water. What could be better? 

  • B-Hada III

    A high-quality fish oil for women, B-Hada III supplies the benefits of both pharmaceutical-grade GLA and EPA/DHA. The concentrated omega oil formulation is also enriched with organic sea buckthorn oil. Its GLA content, meanwhile, is far higher than in most other borage oil products, meaning you can take a lesser dose to achieve the same benefit. One pack contains 30 capsules.

  • Biocera AHA water bottle

    The Biocera Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant (AHA) Water Bottle gives you the power to transform regular filtered or bottled water into coveted alkaline antioxidant water. The portable bottle is perfect for taking to work, storing in a gym bag or sipping while travelling. It uses natural minerals to produce alkaline, hydrogen-rich water which is becoming ever more popular in health circles.

  • Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter

    This is the simplest, most cost-effective way of getting alkaline ionised water. Distinct from regular jug filters, the Biocera Jug transforms ordinary tap or bottled water into alkaline antioxidant water (hydrogen-rich water). Expensive electronic water ionisers are no longer necessary to get alkaline water. The Biocera Alkaline Jug has been very popular since we introduced it to the UK in 2009.

  • Biocera Hydrogen Water Mist
    Biocera Hydrogen Water Mist is a refreshing, moisturising face spray which uses ceramic balls to produce mineral-rich, natural anti-oxidant water with a long lasting moisturising effect.
  • Biocera Washing Ball
    Do your laundry as usual but without using detergent. The bioceramics in the washing ball restructure and energise the water which increases its cleaning and deodorising powers. Reduces the use of synthetic detergent and saves water, time and energy.
  • BioCool Portable Alkalizer

    The BioCool Portable Water Alkalizer represents a highly cost-effective solution to replacing your ordinary tap water with alkaline ionized water. It holds 500ml of water and is manufactured from BPA-free plastic. There are several types of bioceramic ball media in the base of the BioCool, which transform the water added to it into alkaline antioxidant water, also known as hydrogen-rich water.

  • Chamae Rose

    Chamae Rose is a concentrated botanical formulation using the plant Chamaebatiaria which is understood to have many benefits for the body. This product is a good source of ormes and anthiocyanides, which are understood to be helpful for the skin and connective tissues, with a nourishing effect on the liver, kidneys and lungs.

  • CholeRice + ChoLive
    CholeRice + ChoLive is a product designed to help individuals maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Composed of red yeast rice and olive fruit extract, not to mention Vitamin E, the dietary supplement supports a healthy cardiovascular system by counteracting the effects of oxidative stress. Simply take one vegetable capsule per day, preferably with an evening meal, and look forward to the benefits.
  • Clean Chlorella

    Chlorella is a nutrient-rich freshwater algae, known for its unique balance of essential nutrients. Foodtopia Chlorella is an excellent source of vegan protein and supplies all the essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, fibre and antioxidants the algae is famous for. Available in tablet form, Foodtopia Chlorella is carefully grown indoors to minimise contamination.

  • Coral CellEnergy H2 Molecular Hydrogen

    Research is showing the huge potential benefits of molecular hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant, with positive benefits for many body systems since molecular hydrogen can reach all parts of the body due to it's small molecular size. Now we have a unique capsule product which combines Molecular Hydrogen (H2) with coral to slowly release molecular hydrogen into the body.

  • Dead Sea Moringa

    Dead Sea Moringa is the leading source of naturally enriched Moringa, supercharged by the mineral rich soil of this world-renowned healing region. It is a superior natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Dead Sea Moringa helps promote increased energy, focus and strength to the immune system. Moringa harvested from the Dead Sea region contains higher concentrations of Vitamin E, calcium, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 than any other variety grown through the world.

  • Dechlorinating Shower Head Filters

    The Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head removes harmful chlorine from your shower water, in addition to energising the water. Chlorine is added to the water supply to kill pathogens, but ingesting chlorine is not good for us in any shape or form. Infact, inhaling or absorbing chlorine is thought to lead to all sorts of problems. This dechlorinating shower head is stylish, robust and functional.

  • Depurvin-400

    Depurvin was developed to help with drainage and purification. It is made from herbal plants, extracted for the most part whilst fresh for more active ingredients. It acts simultaneously on all the excretory organs, helping to remove and eliminate toxins.

  • Digital pH Test Meter

    With the EzDo Digital pH Meter, you can accurately measure the pH of your drinking water. Using a highly sensitive electrode, this fully waterproof, pen-type device can be employed to determine the precise pH value of any fluid to a +/-0.01 pH degree of accuracy. Want to check whether your alkaline filter is really providing you with alkaline water? The Digital pH Meter is what you need.

  • DMG-Gold

    DMG-Gold helps support the mental and physical health of the individual by supporting the function of both the nervous system and the immune system. It also performs an important antioxidant function by protecting the organism from free radicals. 

  • Drenvin-400

    Drenvin is a food supplement based on a combination of plants traditionally belived to promote the drainage of bodily fluids and achieve a purifying effect by balancing the intestine and stimulating the proliferation of bacterial flora.

  • EcoPure Coral Powder

    EcoPure Coral Powder is a multi-mineral supplement in fine powder form that contains all the minerals the human body requires to function optimally. A pure coral powder with a high calcium content, it is extracted from a land-based source of coral that does not have a destructive impact on the ocean ecosystem.

  • Energy Plus Water Filter

    A great choice if you're looking for high levels of water purification (including removal of fluoride) combined with the benefits of alkaline ionized water. The Energy Plus is a unique approach to enhancing the quality of the water we drink. It combines high levels of contaminant removal with the benefits of advanced bioceramic minerals to give you healthy filtered alkaline water with antioxidant properties.

  • enzalase

    Enzalase is an ultra-potent, multi-enzyme, dietary supplement. The individual enzyme activities in Enzalase are balance-formulated to enhance the body's ability to digest all food groups in a meal while stimulating probiotic bacteria at the same time. A high lipase content improves the activity of all digestive enzymes by effectively eliminating the coating of fat that surrounds chyme (food mixture) when it exits the stomach and goes into the small intestine.

  • Epavin
    Epavin is a classic herbal combination which uses many plants traditionally thought to enhance drainage and detoxification, restoring the physiological functions of the liver and assisting in the digestive process. It is one of the most popular Spagyric products which combine modern science and ancient botanical knowledge.
  • Field of Greens 30 day

    Field of Greens is a green food supplement containing exactly 14 alkalizing greens and grasses. The 100% organic, vegan-friendly powder supplies the equivalent of four servings of vegetables per scoop. Classified as ‘raw food’ due to the Vibrant Health preservation process, Field of Greens has proven popular with adherents of detox diets, as well as with those seeking to boost their general health.

  • Fulvic Restore

    Fulvic Restore is a concentrated fulvic acid supplement that has been extracted from ancient plant minerals by a special water-only process. Containing high levels of fulvic acid in addition to trace minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and trace elements, it is very likely the most concentrated natural fulvic acid supplement on the market and is perfect for boosting nutrient absorption.

  • Gigartina 120

    Red Marine Algae is an excellent source of sulphated polysaccharides, complex compounds thought to play a vital role in boosting immune health. The specific strains in Gigartina are known to have an inhibiting effect on certain viruses including the herpes virus and Epstein Barr virus. It's also known to help improve metabolism and can be helpful as part of a weight management regime.

  • Glucoerb

    Glucoerb is a combination of plant extracts believed to act physiologically on sugar metabolism in order to normalise physiological glycemic levels. It is also considered to be a valuable adjuvant in low-calorie diets aimed at weight reduction.

  • Glutathione

    S-Acetyl Glutathione crosses the cell membrane more easily than glutathione itself. Glutathione is your body's primary antioxidant for limiting cell and mitochondrial damage from free radicals. It is known to be absorbed easily and to cross the blood brain barrier, providing detoxification, protection and heavy metal chelation in the brain at levels other forms of glutathione may not provide.

  • Green Vibrance Junior

    Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing children, Green Vibrance Junior is a carefully balanced selection of vegetables, fruits, phytonutrients and protein. It also fills in the gaps in a child's diet and provides essential nutrients required for growth, maturation and immunity of growing children. 

  • Green Vibrance Powder

    Green Vibrance is a nutrient-dense green supplement for the entire family. Containing over 70 ingredients, including organic spirulina, organic oat grass and chlorella, not to mention antioxidant herbs and Vitamin D3, the gluten-free supplement provides robust support for the digestive, cardiovascular and neurological systems. It is available in powder, sachet or capsule form.

  • Immune Defense

    Immune Defense is a comprehensive and effective daily immune system supplement. The unique formulation from Vibrant Health integrates four famed immune-boosting components – immunoglobulins, beta glucans, red marine algae and larch arabinogalactans – to protect against potential infections, pathogens, toxins and illnesses. Immune Defense is supplied in tubs of 120 vegetable capsules.

  • Ipertenvin

    Iperten Vin is a natural remedy believed to help to maintain the physiological values of blood pressure and control blood cholesterol levels. It is made from plant extracts combined with Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive, indicated to promote regular blood pressure and Coenzyme Q10 with Vitamin C which help protect cells from oxidative stress.

  • Joint + Hip

    Joint + Hip is a new pet supplement manufactured by Vibrant Health. Similar to human Joint Vibrance, it's been adapted to suit the tastes of our companions and certain ingredient doses altered. Poor joint health is a common problem in large breeds of dog, as well as in older cats and dogs, and this powerful formula promotes better flexibility and mobility as well as the rebuilding of cartilage.

  • Joint Vibrance Powder

    Joint Vibrance Powder is one of the most nutrient dense joint health products around. It combines collagen and an extensive range of nutrients known to promote joint health and mobility. A unique dietary supplement, it uses a range of antioxidant rich botanical extracts and patented nutrient compounds to help preserve the health of joints, reduce inflammation and facilitate better flexibility.

  • Krebs Zinc

    Krebs Zinc is a bio-available zinc supplement made by binding elemental zinc to five essential organic acids needed to fuel your cells. Since there is constant and unwavering demand for all five essential acids, any minerals attached to them are understood to be given preferential treatment by your body, and are often carried straight to your cells without undergoing any of the lengthy digestive processes used to regulate the uptake of most nutrients in the gut.

  • Lactobaob

    LactoBoab is formulated to help balance intestinal microflora. It contains Baobab fruit which is indicated to favour the body's natural defences, and probiotic lactic acid bacteria useful for the balance of intestinal flora.

  • Liquid Chlorophyll

    Liquid chlorophyll is a completely natural health supplement derived from alfalfa grass. A natural detoxifier, it is often referred to as ‘plant blood’ since it helps plants absorb energy from sunlight. There are no synthetic ingredients or preservatives in our liquid chlorophyll, which is rich in a variety of important nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin K.

  • M-DMG

    M-DMG has been developed to help boost the immune system. It is based on a combination of nutraceuticals extracts of Japanese traditional fungi, believed to be useful to support and strengthen the immune system, promoting the body's natural defence.

  • Maximized Turmeric

    Turmeric is increasingly appreciated for its wide-ranging health benefits. However, the ancient spice is not readily absorbed in the body, with the vast majority of what is ingested through food or supplements going to waste. Vibrant Health's Maximised Turmeric 46x is a significant leap forward, and is clinically formulated to yield turmeric in a form much better assimilated by the body.

  • Maximum Vibrance

    Maximum Vibrance is a power-packed all-in-one supplement. The world’s most comprehensive formulation of plant protein, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and antioxidants, it supports a range of important bodily systems. Use it as a meal replacement, a pre- or post-workout shake or simply to fuel your body with the kind of dense nutrition it needs to operate at full capacity.

  • McCoy Water Filtration System

    The McCoy Water Filtration System fits easily under the sink. The compact water alkalizer gives you unfettered access to clean, crisp, purified alkaline antioxidant water, which is being increasingly recognised for its positive effects. The filter uses natural bioceramic minerals to remove particulate, chlorine and dissolved organic pollutants before alkalizing and restructuring the water.

  • multimagnesio

    Multimagnesio is a magnesium supplement which consists of different salts in order to increase the bioavailability and efficacy. The absorption of magnesium, as well as for other minerals, is closely linked to the type of salt it is administered in. Multimagnesio magnesium is supplied in the form of 5 different salts in order to obtain efficient and controlled absorption.

  • Nascent Iodine

    Traditionally the role of iodine in the biological functioning of the body was focused on its ability to maintain the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. This was particularly the regulation of metabolism and the production of T3 and T4 hormones. As the understanding of iodine continued however, it is now understood that the responsibility of iodine in the body exceeds what people thought initially by quite a significant amount.

  • Nutri Flax Powder-400

    Omega Nutrition's Nutri-Flax powder is an organic health food that contains a broad number of important nutrients, including high levels of plant lignans. Lignans – otherwise known as complex carbohydrates or polysaccharides – are understood to be highly beneficial to our health. The protein-rich powder is perfect for sprinkling over porridge or soup or blended into a smoothie. 

  • O'Hisa

    Formulated by award-winning fish oil manufacturer WHC, O'Hisa stands for Omega Hair Immunity Skin Anti-Aging. The highly-rated product fuses natural ingredients derived from plants to help you better maintain smooth, radiant skin and lustrous, healthy hair. Thanks to its inclusion of zinc and vitamins B6 and B16, it also promotes the healthy functioning of the immune system.

  • Omega 3 Testing

    Are you interested to know how much Omega-3 you intake from your diet? The Omega-3 Index measures the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA as a guide to your circulatory health. These same Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to keep cells younger for longer. Levels below 8% should consider supplementing. Omega-3 fatty acids occur in oily fish naturally, but most people still do not eat the two portions (of preferably oily fish) per week that is recommended.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml

    Apple Cider vinegar is a rich, unrefined tonic that contains a number of important enzymes, and a range of wholesome nutrients. It is alkalizing when metabolized.  Apple Cider Vinegar can be taken with water, added to cooked foods or to the salad dressing of your choice. Omega Nutrition's Apple Cider Vinegar has the 'mother' liquor in it.

  • organic coconut oil

    Coconut Oil is increasingly appreciated due to its beneficial properties and in particular it's versatility. It is an ideal oil for all high temperature cooking and a great vegan friendly alternative to butter. Omega Nutrition's coconut oils come in either a full flavoured virgin coconut oil or an aroma free oil - both certified organic. The oils come from the Philippines, noted for their high quality coconut production. They are processed and packed by Omega Nutrition in accordance with their unique OmegaFlo process. Coconut oil is primarily a combinative of 3 medium chain tryglycerides which are readily absorbed fats, and understood to be a good source of energy.



  • Flax Seed Oil

    Omega Nutrition’s Organic Flax Seed Oil is packed with nutritional value. High in essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it can be added to salads, yoghurts, smoothies or protein shakes. Manufactured using the company’s unique Omegaflo process, which serves to preserve nutrient density, the flax seed oil is unrefined, devoid of cholesterol and trans fats and 100% suitable for vegetarians.

  • instant basica tea

    Instant Basica Tea is a unique formulation of botanical ingredients blended as a tea. The product is formulated to help remove accumulated acids from our body, for instance by supporting intestinal transit, the water/fluid balance and through internal cleansing. It is a very concentrated and refreshing tea with one tub providing up to 400 cups of tea.

  • matcha green tea

    Studies have shown that polyphenols in green tea are highly beneficial and are understood to offer the body superior antioxidant protection to vitamin C or E. Matcha green tea – by far the most coveted kind – has been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels, balanced blood sugar levels and a strong immune system. This Japanese matcha from WHC is much sought-after – and for good reason.

  • OxyRev

    OxyRev helps boost your body's overall oxygen levels. It uses a stabilised oxygen isolate that has been shown to increase oxygen levels in the blood, making it the perfect tool for fighting acidosis or re-energising tissues. OxyRev is particularly valuable for sports enthusiasts, students or anyone facing a serious health challenge. It's also great to have on hand when you are flying.

  • pH Test Colour Reagent

    Unlike our pH test strips, this colourmetric reagent has been specifically designed to test the pH of water. It can therefore be used to help you measure the acidity of tap water or the alkalinity of water produced by your alkaline water filter. By using this product, you can ensure you always stay in a healthy pH range, and that your alkaline water filter is functioning properly.

  • pH Test Strips

    pH Test Strips are ideal for measuring the pH of saliva or urine to give an indication of the alkaline balance of the body. They are not suitable for measuring the pH of water. The pH Test Strips are supplied in convenient-to-use packs of 80 strips.


  • pHAlo

    pHAlo is an easy-to-use yet powerful supplement, one specially created by healthcare professionals to promote improved body pH balance. pHAlo utilises nature’s great healer – aloe vera – as well as a combination of alkalizing minerals, with the purpose of strengthening the body’s internal environment. It has been used to tackle acid reflux, osteoporosis, diabetes, tendonitis and even acne.

  • pHresh Greens

    pHresh Greens is a raw green food supplement that combines alkalizing grasses with a range of beneficial green vegetables and algae. The full-spectrum dietary supplement is packed with nutrients that are integral to the maintenance of good health and rewened vitality. Mix up a shake with water or fruit juice and incorporate pHresh Greens into your healthy daily regimen – you won't regret it.

  • Pro Matcha Natural

    Pro Matcha combines a rich source of plant protein with world-renowned matcha green tea. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids and phytonutrients, this vegan-friendly protein powder is the perfect pre- or post-workout supplement; it can also be used as a meal replacement. Gluten and GMO-free, Pro Matcha provides a rapid energy source and 21g of protein per serving. 

  • propgola

    PropGola has been developed to produce emollient oral action. Italian propolis is used in combination with plant extracts known to exert a balsamic effect, softening and protecting the oral cavity. This combination is enhanced by the presence of strongly balsamic essential oils.

  • Pumpkin Seed Powder

    Omega Nutrition's Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is a premium-quality vegetarian protein supplement. Offering higher levels of protein per serving than soy or hemp, it contains a broad array of beneficial nutrients including many amino acids. Certified organic, the powder is made from defatted pumpkin seeds and is rich in minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. It's also high in omega-6 and omega-9.

  • Pure Green Protein

    Pure Green Protein is an energy-sustaining protein supplement that combines a number of nutrient-dense plant extracts with a few free amino acids to create a supplement capable of nourishing your cells and encouraging the growth of healthy muscle. This vegetable protein powder has an amino acid profile that's very close to that of human muscle tissue, which makes it easy for your body to absorb.

  • MCT oil

    Pure MCT Oil is a premium oil derived from purified medium chain triglycerides. Associated with a host of health benefits, the nutritious oil can enhance energy, quicken your metabolism and aid the digestive system. MCT oil is especially popular with adherents of Paleo and ketogenic diets, and MCT uses are numerous. Indeed, you can add it to smoothies, coffees, soups and salad dressings.

  • QuattrO3+PS

    QuattrO3 +PS is a unique complex of high-quality omega-3 fish oils and other nutrients, specially formulated to optimise children's health and growth. In particular, it is designed to help them realise their full potential at school. The addition of vitamin D3 helps promote normal growth and bone development and also aids the immune system. So much more than a fish oil for children.

  • QuattroCardio

    QuattroCardio is a high-quality, nutrient-rich supplement designed to promote the good health of men and women over 35. Integrating omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA with Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and Coenzyme Q10 as Ubiquinol, QuattroCardio contributes towards the well-being of the cardiovascular, neurological, immune and skeletal systems. Individually sealed in blister packs for enhanced freshness.

  • Rainbow Vibrance

    Rainbow Vibrance has been specially developed by Vibrant Health to provide exceptionally high levels of antioxidants. The supplement, which utilises 36 fruits and vegetables, supplies the body with the trace minerals required to reach optimum health. Simply add to water, juice or a protein drink to enhance its nutritional value and reap the benefits of this high-quality formulation. 

  • Reverse Osmosis Filter System

    The five-stage reverse osmosis filter system offers an unprecedentedly high level of contaminant filtration, and can be relied on to remove the overwhelming majority of dissolved compounds from your drinking water. Thanks to the addition of a unique alkalising filter cartridge, the reverse osmosis system can also re-mineralize and alkalize your water - giving it a high pH and a number of beneficial properties.

  • rhalax grani

    Rhalax Grani is a classic combination of plants rich in anthraquinone substances in tablets enriched with substances to protect  the intestinal mucosa, producing a product that physiologically promotes and regulates intestinal transit and reduces bloating.

  • serenvin

    Serenvin is a combination of hydro-alcoholic solution extracts which are believed to promote physiological relaxation and peaceful, restful sleep and also reduce anxiety and tension. If you're struggling to get the shuteye you need, why not give a try? Sleep is absolutely essential to quality of life, after all.

  • Shaker Bottles

    The Green Vibrance and Maximum Vibrance Shakers are ideal for mixing your daily dose of Green Vibrance or Maximum Vibrance! The mesh grid breaks up the powders perfectly, assuring a smooth taste.

  • Special Uberti Apple Cider Vinegar
    Special Uberti Apple Cider Vinegar is an organically certified vinegar with additional herbs and plants infused in it. This special vinegar developed by a naturopathic doctor in France has proven extremely popular since he launched it 15 years ago. With Special Uberti Cider Vinegar you are not just getting the benefits of the apple cider vinegar with the mother liquor but also the benefits of the additional ingredients.
  • spirulina

    Spirulina is a renowned algae superfood which contains more than 15 important vitamins and minerals. The nutritious algae is also high in 'complete' protein and includes all essential amino acids. Grown in controlled conditions so as to minimise absorption of toxins, Foodtopia Spirulina is available in tablet form and provides a power-packed boost of nutrition.

  • Super Kids vibrance

    Super Kids Vibrance plugs  gaps in a young person's diet, so they can grow up to satisfy their genetic potential. Packed with plant protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, not to mention 9 billion friendly probiotics, it's so much more than a 'protein powder for kids'. Available in apple and chocolate flavours, it can be mixed with water or the child's favourite fruit juice.

  • Super Natural C

    Super Natural C is a highly effective dietary supplement for those wishing to up their intake of vitamin C. Derived entirely from plant sources, including sustainable, hand-harvested Amazonian camu-camu fruit, it provides a rich source of polyphenols, known to be among nature’s most potent antioxidants. The vegan-friendly Super Natural C is a healthy alternative to synthetic vitamin supplements.

  • Super Natural Calcium Powder

    Super Natural Calcium supplies calcium from a natural source, which is much more easily absorbed by our bodies. Super Natural Calcium derives the vital mineral from two plants, Hydrilla verticillata and Lithothamnium sp. The benefits of plant-based calcium include additional vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and vitamins C and B1.

  • Super Natural Chromium

    Super Natural Chromium is a good source of natural, organically bound, bioavailable chromium. By taking Super Natural Chromium, you help encourage your body to metabolise fats and carbohydrates efficiently, help balance blood glucose levels and support cardiovascular health. The nutritious green plants used to manufacture Super Natural Chromium are a good source of bioavailable antioxidants, which help defend your cells against oxygen related damage.

  • Theralac

    Theralac is a highly advanced probiotic supplement designed to improve digestive regularity, enhance nutrient absorption and promote immunity. It supplies 5 highly beneficial forms of probiotic alongside two prebiotic formulas that are optimised to activate/stimulate probiotics once they reach the gastrointestinal tract. What's more, Theralac supplies at least 30 billion CFU at time of expiration.

  • Trilogy Men and Women

    Trilogy combines the three most popular food supplements into a convenient daily ‘power pack’. Vibrant Health’s innovational formulation contains a comprehensive multivitamin, fish oils with high EPA and DHA content, and probiotics. Packed with plant-derived vitamins plus alkalising minerals like potassium and magnesium, the all-in-one supplement helps with a swathe of physiological functions.

  • TruFiber

    TruFiber has two special sources of soluble prebiotic fiber: Sunfiber and Inulin. One serving or one level scoop (11cc) of Trufiber gives you just a bit more than 14% of the suggested 25 gram Daily Value for fiber. It is a tasteless white powder which mixes clear and fast with no thickening or grit. Sunfiber or PHGG as it's also known as, originates from seeds of the guar plant and is partly broken down to allow it to dissolve better and lessens thickness.

  • TruFlora

    TruFlora is a unique probiotic supplement. It provides 3 carefully-selected probiotic strains coupled with two cell-wall digesting enzymes which help to inhibit the development of E-coli and candida. Alone, TruFlora helps to colonise intestinal contents to improve bowel health and protect from micro-organisms. It can also be used in rotation with Theralac to improve intestinal biodiversity. 

  • uberti energy breakfast

    Get your day off to the perfect start with Uberti Organic Energy Breakfast. A wonderful source of plant-based protein, the high-impact breakfast supplement is suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets. Sugar-free and packed with nutrients, the raw breakfast powder combines cacao, camu-camu, maca, spirulina and hemp protein. Highly versatile, it can be added to smoothies or sprinkled on cereals. 

  • Uberti four thieves vinegar

    Uberti Four Thieves Vinegar, is a blend of Special Uberti Cider Vinegar which has got additional herbs infused in it. The inspiration for this product came from the story of the four thieves. This cider vinegar is organically certified and contains the mother liquor.

  • aloe vera powder

    Uberti Organic Aloe Vera Powder is composed of freeze-dried aloe vera juice. Aloe vera is famous throughout the world for its healthful properties, and with this powder you can make your own aloe vera juice: just add to water, juice or non-dairy milk. With one pack you can make ten litres. The Uberti Organic Aloe Vera Powder is high in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

  • Uberti Organic Konjac

    Uberti Organic Konjac aids weight loss and is naturally gluten-free. The nutritious raw food powder, which is suitable for both vegan and sugar-free diets, can also help with cholesterol levels. High in fibre and low in calories, Uberti Organic Konjac helps promote a feeling of fullness, making it the perfect addition to your weight-loss regime.

  • sports cocktail
    Uberti Organic Sports cocktail is a high quality raw food, suitable for vegan diets.  Chosen by people who lead active lifestyles or wish to eat high quality gluten free products.
  • uberti superseeds
    Uberti Organic SuperSEEDS contain essential fatty acids, suitable for a vegan diet. Uberti SuperSEEDS will nutritionally enrich any raw food and gluten free diets. Can be eaten as a nutritious high quality snack or as part of a specific dietary regime.
  • Unocardio 1000

    UnoCardio 1000 is an award-winning fish oil supplement, named in 2015 and again in 2016 as the world’s best-quality fish oil by independent US laboratory Labdoor. Derived from fish harvested from sustainable sources, the fish oil contains high levels of EPA (675mg) and DHA (460g), in addition to vitamin D (1,000 IU). Manufactured to support the health of the heart, the brain, vision and bones.

  • Unocardio Active Mind 400

    UnoCardio Active Mind + Vision Complex is a powerful formulation that combines high-quality, readily absorbable omega-3 fish oils with B vitamins, vitamin D3 and other antioxidants. Formulated to help promote brain and vision health, this unique supplement is ideal for those wishing to maintain high levels of focus and concentration, as well as older adults wishing to preserve cognitive function.

  • UnoCardio X2

    UnoCardio X2 is a newly-formulated fish oil supplement that provides an exceptionally high concentration of omega-3. Manufactured by leading fish oil company WHC, UnoCardio X2 (formerly UnoCardio) supplies a scientifically-proven dose of 1200mg omega-3 from 1300mg fish oil.

  • Vibrant Cleanse

    Cleansing is a natural way to rid the body of harmful chemicals that may be contributing to illnesses or unwanted symptoms. If you have ever suffered from chronic fatigue, digestive issues, asthma or respiratory problems, bad breath, or weight gain, you may want to consider trying a cleanse. The process of cleansing involves restraining from solid foods for a period of time in order to give the body (and the digestive system) a break. Try it and feel the difference!

  • Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support

    Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support offers a pathway to a healthy digestive system. Containing 100 billion probiotics from eight effective strains, the dietary supplement helps promote a healthy intestinal lining and can contribute towards a reduction in abdominal discomfort and bloating. Vibrant Flora Improved Bowel Support is free of gluten, soy and GMO and is natural mandarin orange flavoured.

  • Vibrant Flora Lean Body Support

    Vibrant Flora Lean Body Support may help with better weight management and control food cravings. It has a nutritional base of greens together with protein, probiotics and specially selected botanical ingredients. Vibrant Flora Lean Body Support is an excellent additional support to a programme of healthy weight management when used in conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

  • Vitamin D3

    Vibrant Health's Vitamin D3 helps you avoid vitamin D deficiency. Able to nourish cells with readily absorbable vitamin D, the daily supplement – which is available in a certified organic tablet – supports the proper functioning of the immune system and promotes better skeletal health. Of particular benefit during dark winter months, the supplement provides 4,000 i.u. of vital vitamin D. 

  • Wave Q Vortex Water

    With the innovative Wave Q, you can alter the properties of water, enhancing oxygenation and increasing alkalinity in under ten minutes. Energizing your H20 is easy thanks to this alkalizing  water vortex. Simply add filtered or bottled water to the jug and wait for the Wave Q to work its magic. The product is especially useful when you wish to reactivate ‘dead’ filtered reverse osmosis water. 

  • zeolite

    Zeolite Plus is a fantastic natural complex of zeolite, humic acid, fulvic acid and pure water. It also contains natural trace minerals. Many find Zeolite to be extremely useful due to its special cage-like chemical structure, allowing it to act as a natural absorbent and attach itself to toxic molecules. Comes in a 2 oz. glass bottle with medicine dropper for easier dispensation.

  • Zeta pH Booster Drops

    Zeta pH Booster Drops turn ordinary water into alkaline water, helping raise the pH of the body. A unique combination of sodium silica and trace minerals from vegetable sources, Zeta pH Booster Drops are highly concentrated and make an excellent supplement for those looking to avoid acidosis, a harmful condition linked to a host of adverse health conditions. Just add 4 drops to a glass of water.