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Cardiovascular Support

We supply a number of excellent food supplements to support cardiovascular health, including the highest quality fish oils, a natural product to help manage elevated cholesterol levels and several botanical products to support heart health.
  • QuattroCardio

    QuattroCardio is a high-quality, nutrient-rich supplement designed to promote the good health of men and women over 35. Integrating omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA with Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and Coenzyme Q10 as Ubiquinol, QuattroCardio contributes towards the well-being of the cardiovascular, neurological, immune and skeletal systems. Individually sealed in blister packs for enhanced freshness.

  • CholeRice + ChoLive
    CholeRice + ChoLive is a product designed to help individuals maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Composed of red yeast rice and olive fruit extract, not to mention Vitamin E, the dietary supplement supports a healthy cardiovascular system by counteracting the effects of oxidative stress. Simply take one vegetable capsule per day, preferably with an evening meal, and look forward to the benefits.
  • Unocardio 1000

    UnoCardio 1000 is an award-winning fish oil supplement, named in 2015 and again in 2016 as the world’s best-quality fish oil by independent US laboratory Labdoor. Derived from fish harvested from sustainable sources, the fish oil contains high levels of EPA (675mg) and DHA (460g), in addition to vitamin D (1,000 IU). Manufactured to support the health of the heart, the brain, vision and bones.

  • UnoCardio

    UnoCardio is among the world’s finest fish oils, according to independent laboratory Labdoor. It’s certainly the most powerful, containing at least 95% pure omega-3 fish oil from r-triglyceride EPA and DHA. The purified fish oil supports healthy heart function, brain function, vision and blood pressure, and it derives exclusively from non-endangered fish species (anchovies, sardines and mackerel).

  • Vitamin D3

    Vibrant Health's Vitamin D3 helps you avoid vitamin D deficiency. Able to nourish cells with readily absorbable vitamin D, the daily supplement – which is available in a certified organic tablet – supports the proper functioning of the immune system and promotes better skeletal health. Of particular benefit during dark winter months, the supplement provides 4,000 i.u. of vital vitamin D. 

  • Flax Seed Oil

    Omega Nutrition’s Organic Flax Seed Oil is packed with nutritional value. High in essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it can be added to salads, yoghurts, smoothies or protein shakes. Manufactured using the company’s unique Omegaflo process, which serves to preserve nutrient density, the flax seed oil is unrefined, devoid of cholesterol and trans fats and 100% suitable for vegetarians.

  • Green Vibrance Powder

    Green Vibrance is a nutrient-dense green supplement for the entire family. Containing over 70 ingredients, including organic spirulina, organic oat grass and chlorella, not to mention antioxidant herbs and Vitamin D3, the gluten-free supplement provides robust support for the digestive, cardiovascular and neurological systems. It is available in powder, sachet or capsule form.

  • Ipertenvin

    Iperten Vin is a natural remedy believed to help to maintain the physiological values of blood pressure and control blood cholesterol levels. It is made from plant extracts combined with Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive, indicated to promote regular blood pressure and Coenzyme Q10 with Vitamin C which help protect cells from oxidative stress.

  • multimagnesio

    Multimagnesio is a magnesium supplement which consists of different salts in order to increase the bioavailability and efficacy. The absorption of magnesium, as well as for other minerals, is closely linked to the type of salt it is administered in. Multimagnesio magnesium is supplied in the form of 5 different salts in order to obtain efficient and controlled absorption.