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  • Fish oil supplements not a threat to fish stocks

    Overfishing will decline if we eat less industrially produced meat and buy less pet food

    Anyone who cares about nature knows that urgent action is required to save our oceans and to put an end to overfishing. Some on the moral high ground mistakenly point an accusing finger at fish oil based food supplements in this respect. But what has now become clear? Less than 1 % of the catch is used for fish oil, whereas 39 times that amount is destined for cattle feed, farmed fish and pet food.

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  • Fish Oil Comparison Chart

    Not all fish oils are of the same quality!

    Have you got to the stage where you cannot see the wood for the trees? Don’t worry, you’re not on your own. It's not surprising, considering the amount of products and brands available today. What makes it so confusing is the huge differences in fish oils. Some capsules only contain a tiny 280 mg Omega-3, whereas our capsules contain up to 1200 mg of exceptionally pure Omega-3 (1080 mg EPA/DHA).

    Cheaper brands usually contain much lower concentrations of fish oil / Omega-3, which is why it is essential to take several capsules a day to maintain the right Omega-3 level. Be aware that many fish oil brands showing nutritional facts per serving 2 softgels instead of per 1 soft gel .
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  • How much water should you drink?

    How much water should you drink?

    Dr Batmanghelidj author of many good books on water gave this formula for the amount of water we should take in every day. His guide as a rough rule of thumb was that we should drink 15ml (half ounce) of water for every 0.45kg (lb) of body weight. This equates to a person weighing 90kg drinking 3 litres of water per day. Continue reading

  • Why is Theralac the best?

    Theralac represents several breakthroughs in probiotic technology. Initially introduced in 2002, these technological advances continue to make Theralac a leading probiotic. What are these advances? They can be summarized by the letters S.D.S. for STRENGTH, DELIVERY, and STIMULATION. For a probiotic to work well inside your G.I. tract, re-establishing regularity and comfort quickly, it must be in competition with and restrict the bad effects of billions of unwanted intestinal microbes; this needs our S.D.S. technology.

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  • Why should I take a probiotic?

    Many Health Professionals tell us that a good probiotic is the most vital supplement you can take. Why is that? A quality probiotic will aid in keeping the digestive tract healthy and better the absorption of all other supplements. Our bodies' systems are interlaced and lots of our health starts with the digestive system. Maintaining a healthy digestive tract is essential to maintaining good health in general.

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  • What Causes Diarrhea?

    There are many things that cause diarrhea. Some of these can include medical conditions and stress. One of the most common causes of diarrhea is bad bacteria that has been ingested along with the foods you've eaten.  Usually we can handle a certain amount of these unwanted bacteria in our system, but it depends on how much is taken in or how healthy our intestinal tract is whether we have a very bad reaction to these bacteria or not. In severe cases, or if left unchecked, this can be life-threatening.

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  • 3 High Potency Programs For Intestinal Health With Enzalase

    Try one of our 3 High Potency Programs For Intestinal Health. Using Enzalase helps digest all the major food groups and will leave you feeling great all round!

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  • Enzalase's Gentle Enzymatic Colon Cleansing

    Enzalase can now be used as a gentle enzymatic colon cleanse!  Unlike some harsh herbal colon cleanses that can leave you feeling completely depleted, Enzalase cleans your G.I. tract with a much more gentle approach.  Enzalase causes excess food in your G.I tract to be broken down because of its deep release properties.  This is a great way to prepare your G.I. tract for process of probiotic colonization.
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  • Antibiotics Should Also Mean Probiotics

    Antibiotics Should Also Mean Probiotics

    Everyone is very familiar with antibiotics and their intended goal - to kill harmful bacteria that cause us to be sick. The conundrum here is that antibiotics also kill the beneficial bacteria that live in our digestive tract, which can cause other issues such as diarrhoea or lowered intestinal immunity. Continue reading

  • Christian Meier - King of the Mountain. Lover of Omega Nutrition MCT Oil!

    Christian’s wife Amber has just sent us this report:

    “Christian is loving the chia seeds and flax seed oil, using it daily along with the holy grail of oils...MCT! I think Christian may have mentioned we use MCT EVERY morning in our "bulletproof coffee" and Christian has also started taking a bottle of it to races and using it ontop of oats, eggs and salads to get that extra dose of perfect fats in! Christian has just come back from a race in Germany where he was able to win the "KOM" or "King of the Mountain" jersey.”

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