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Water for Health Blog: Promoting better health through hydration, nutrition and mindful eating.

At Water for Health we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their health. We consider it vitally important that people make informed choices with regard to their wellbeing. It is important to become informed on issues that dictate the quality of our lives. At Water for Health we consider good nutrition and proper hydration to be vitally important and this blog focuses on helping to enhance their importance and in particular the benefits of maintaining proper body alkaline balance. No health claims are made or implied. Any reader contemplating implementing any suggestion made in any article should discuss with their health practitioner. Any guest posts do not necessarily represent the views of Water for Health.

Easy Tips For Naturally Boosting Your Kids Health Without Them Knowing It!

For kids, summer time is all about playing outside and eating summertime treats. But for parents, summer time means keeping an even more watchful eye on our kid’s health, eating and sleep habits.

Especially in the summer when kids want to be outdoors all day, parents need to find creative ways to keep their kids health in check. This includes feeding them healthy on-the-go foods and sneaking in an early bedtime. It’s not always easy to do but here are some easy tips for getting the job done without too many complaints! Continue reading

Are Heavy Metals Lurking In Your Favorite Foods? Hint: Chocolate May Be At Risk!

Recent health studies have made everyone feel better about indulging in a daily piece of dark chocolate. But what if your daily indulgence was full of heavy metals?

Heavy metals have long been known to saturate healthy drinking water. But now health officials are warning people about the possible contamination of their favorite foods, including chocolate. Continue reading

Omega 3 for Children: Here’s Why Not Supplementing May Be Holding Your Child Back

Providing the best care for their children is at the top of the list for every parent. But despite our best effort, kids don’t always eat the way we want them to.

Most adults are well aware of the health impact taking supplements has on them. But children’s supplements are often overlooked. The truth is children need supplements just as much if not more than adults to support their growing bodies! Continue reading

Easy Eye Exercises That Strengthen Your Vision

Many people use alternative treatments to improve health conditions of all kinds, including irritable bowel disease, skin problems, and chronic diseases. Why not use alternative methods to improve your eye health?

There are several exercises you can do to strength your eyes and improve your vision that don’t cost a thing and can be done anytime, anywhere! The Bates Method and the Tibetan Eye Chart are two places to start. Continue reading

A Unique Approach to Keeping Your Brain and Eyes Sharp for Ultimate Concentration

Optimal concentration is important whether you’re a college student or working adult glued to your computer or a senior citizen looking to keep your brain sharp. There are certain things you can do to achieve ultimate concentration and it starts by feeding your eyes and brain.

Omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins are especially important in keeping these two important organs functioning at their best. Other nutrients, such as ginseng, vitamin D and lutein, are little known nutrients that can help you stay sharp throughout the day. Continue reading

3 Healthy Summer Desserts That Won’t Wreck Your Waistline

For many people who plan on showing off a trim figure this summer, eating dessert doesn’t fit into the plan. This is largely due to refined grains, sugar, salt and trans fats being included in the nations most popular types of cakes to buy, that do contribute to wait gain. Luckily, there are many naturally healthy desserts options out there that do not include processed sugars, flours and fats, and they can all be easily made at home. Instead of skipping dessert to keep your figure trim, try swapping out unhealthy treats with these three healthy summer dessert recipes! Continue reading

Tips For Boosting Energy During the Summer

The summer heat can be draining. The wrong food choices, such as heavy foods, can make us feel drained and tired. Lack of water also plays a big role in how we feel.

Many people don’t drink enough water when it’s hot out. They also eat the wrong foods, which can cause dehydration. Here are some tips for keeping water and energy levels up this summer. Continue reading

Alkalizing Summer Bread Recipe with Psyllium Husks, Chia Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar

Summer is a time to say goodbye to those winter comfort food recipes and start trying ones that are naturally alkalizing. Bread is one of the biggest comfort foods for many people. While most bread recipes are full of enriched flour and gluten, they aren’t exactly the light summer meal most people are looking for.

Alkaline foods are important because they naturally flush toxins from the body, thus creating a pH balanced environment where disease is unlikely to develop. Eating alkaline doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. It just means they need a healthy makeover! Continue reading

Do You or Someone You Know Suffer From An Autoimmune Disease? Here’s How Calcium Can Help

Autoimmune diseases are on the rise. In fact, the average person is three times more likely now to develop an autoimmune disease than they were several years ago. Back in 1998, only one in five children suffered from allergic diseases, such as asthma. But that number has increased 15 percent in the UK, New Zealand and Australia alone.

According to a recent study, calcium can help balance the body and protect it against self-attack. This is an important finding as autoimmune diseases are generated when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. Calcium is an under looked mineral that may be used to help balance the body. Continue reading

Your Tap Water Contains Molecules That Dinosaurs Drank + Other Interesting Water Facts

The Earth is covered with a lot of water- approximately 70 percent of its surface area to be exact. But did you know that only one percent of that is readily available for humans to drink? That’s because nearly 97 percent is salt water and another two percent is located in the glaciers and ice caps.

In other words, if you put the world’s entire water supply into a four litre bottle, only one tablespoon of it would be suitable for humans to drink. Here are some more interesting facts about water that will have you looking at your daily beverage differently. Continue reading

Water Chemical Danger - When Water Becomes Your Enemy

We see them all the time - people walking around with a gallon of water in attempt to drink more every day. Adult bodies are made up of approximately 70 percent water but getting enough is often a common complaint of many people.

Along with needed water for basic metabolic processes, water also keeps skin healthy and the digestive system running smoothly. Dehydration may cause fatigue, headaches and the inability to focus. But if you’re not drinking clean water, you may be pumping yourself full of dangerous water chemicals which have been linked to many health problems. Continue reading

How To Tell If Your Diet Is Making You Smell And What To Do About It

No one wants to be known as the smelly person. It could affect your work life, your personal life and your self esteem. It’s pretty easy to detect another smelly person in the room but not everyone is aware when they are the smelly one.

Halitosis, or bad bread, is largely influenced by what you eat. According to a recent study, certain foods such as animal products and junk food may be making you smelly. Adversely, the study found that people with diets high in fruits and vegetables smelled the best. Continue reading

What is Plant Blood and Why You Should Be Drinking It

When most people think of the word “blood,” they certainly don’t think of drinking it. But plant blood is highly nutritious and full of many health benefits.

Plant blood is also known as liquid chlorophyll, which is responsible for giving plants their green color and is needed for the conversion of sunlight into energy in plants. Many green vegetables contain chlorophyll but alfalfa grass is one of the best sources. Continue reading

How Eating Too Much Junk Food Shrinks Your Brain and What to Do About It

Everyone knows they shouldn’t eat junk food. But the implications of bad health may have all been a myth until one recent study came out and made all your worst nightmares comes true.

According to a 2015 study published in Medical News Day, eating too much junk food can actually shrink your brain. That’s right. You can now confidently tell your kids now that eating junk food will give them a small brain. It’s science. Continue reading

EcoPure Coral Powder - Helping You Get The Correct Daily Dose Of Essential Minerals

Although vitamins are often the focus of many supplements, minerals are just as important. Major minerals are inorganic elements that cannot be made by living things and must be obtained in the diet.

Minerals can be divided into two categories: major minerals and trace minerals. These categories are determined Continue reading