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Water for Health Blog: Promoting better health through hydration, nutrition and mindful eating.

At Water for Health we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their health. We consider it vitally important that people make informed choices with regard to their wellbeing. It is important to become informed on issues that dictate the quality of our lives. At Water for Health we consider good nutrition and proper hydration to be vitally important and this blog focuses on helping to enhance their importance and in particular the benefits of maintaining proper body alkaline balance. No health claims are made or implied. Any reader contemplating implementing any suggestion made in any article should discuss with their health practitioner. Any guest posts do not necessarily represent the views of Water for Health.

Can Pumpkin Seed Powder Help Improve Prostate Health?

Pumpkins aren’t just everyone’s favourite autumn food. They also pack a big nutritional punch that could prevent some serious health scares, especially for men.

Prostate enlargement symptoms will affect one third of men over the age of 50 years old in the UK. Inflammation or enlargement of the prostate may cause trouble urinating that can keep you awake at night or even prove to be painful.

Read on to learn about how pumpkin seed powder can help improve prostate health. Continue reading

Spirulina - A Blue Green Algae That Can Boost The Immune System, Reduce Candida And Protect Cells From Damage

As the colder weather approaches it becomes increasingly important to incorporate foods into your diet that boost the immune system. Common foods for improving immune health include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but there’s one important food you might not know about.

The lesser known spirulina is a great health food for giving your immune system the extra kick it needs this season to fight off nasty bugs. Here are some important things to know about spirulina, including where it’s sourced from and what else it can do to improve your health. Continue reading

Alkaline Antioxidant Water - Hype or Does the Science Back It Up?

Alkaline antioxidant water is a term that is thrown around a lot in the health community. Health experts claim it to be an easy way to promote health and fight disease. But is it just a load of hype or does science show it really can improve your health?

In short, alkaline antioxidant water is backed by science to provide a wide range of health benefits from promoting alkalinity to naturally detoxing the body through a naturally occurring gas called molecular hydrogen. Here’s what the science says about incorporating this easy health hack into your diet. Continue reading

Are Superfoods & Their Claims Too Good To Be True?

Even your favourite celebrity can seem a bit annoying when over advertised. The same goes with food. When so-called “superfoods” and other pricey foods are constantly being glorified, it’s hard to believe the hype that surrounds them.

But, even foods that seem too good to be true deserve to be given a second look. Aside from the constant PR and marketing attempts from the healthcare industry, some foods really are superior (even those listed under ‘superfoods’), and do deserve for consumers to spend that extra bit of money on them for their benefits.   Continue reading

Why The Digestive System Is Your Body’s Centre Of Disease Control And How To Keep It Healthy

All body systems are important and we should never assume that one deserves more of our attention than the others. But recent research suggests that maintaining a healthy digestive system is key for the prevention of disease.

Taking a whole person approach to health is the best way to stay functioning at your best. But if you focus on keeping the digestive system healthy, all other body systems might just follow in suit. Continue reading

The Vital Hand Washing Debate: Is Your Hand Washing Method Making You Sick?

According to many health experts, the best way to protect yourself from germs is by washing your hands. But recently there has been much debate about what you should be washing your hands with.

Antibacterial soap was once commonly thought of as the top pick for hand washing. Now, health officials are warning against the dangers of using antibacterial soap.  Here’s what you need to know about antibacterial soap and whether it’s still the best choice for keeping your family healthy. Continue reading

Don’t Be Left In The Dark About Blue Light! Here’s What It’s Doing To Your Sleep Routine and Overall Health

Most people know that to stay healthy you need to eat well and exercise daily. But our sleep habits are often overlooked when it comes to mapping out a healthy routine for you and your family.

The busyness of daily life and constant need to be plugged into technology at all times puts our health in jeopardy. Here’s what you should know about the blue light many of these items emit and how it could be negatively affecting your health. Continue reading

Keep Flu Season at Bay By Doing These Things to Boost Your Health During Autumn + Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latté Recipe

Summer may have just ended but it’s never too early to think about autumn, especially when it comes to keeping yourself healthy. Enjoying the changing of the leaves is one of the many things autumn is best known for, but keeping yourself healthy going into the cold winter months is among one of the most important! Here are some tips for staying healthy during the transition to the colder weather. Continue reading

How An Alkaline Diet Incorporates Gentle Detoxing Methods To Promote Lasting Health + Healthy Snack Bar Recipe

Cleanses and detoxes are used to rapidly eliminate toxins from the body. Most people perform cleanses once or twice a year when they start feeling sluggish or overweight. But instead of waiting until you feel bad before making a change, what if you ate in a way that naturally promoted the removal of toxins every day?

An alkalising diet is one that includes lots of plant foods with naturally cleansing and protective ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Eating clean is the best way to ensure optimal health over the long run without having to detox every time you start feeling bad. Continue reading

Science-Based Methods For Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease is responsible for taking the lives of more than 73,000 people in the UK annually. Approximately one in 10 women and one out of every six men will die from complications associated with the heart.

Angina, the most common form of coronary heart disease, affects an estimated 2 million out of the 2.3 million people in the UK living with Congenital Heart Defect, or CHD. Here are some science-based methods to keep your heart healthy and functioning at its best! Continue reading

Easy Tips For Naturally Boosting Your Kids Health Without Them Knowing It!

For kids, summer time is all about playing outside and eating summertime treats. But for parents, summer time means keeping an even more watchful eye on our kid’s health, eating and sleep habits.

Especially in the summer when kids want to be outdoors all day, parents need to find creative ways to keep their kids health in check. This includes feeding them healthy on-the-go foods and sneaking in an early bedtime. It’s not always easy to do but here are some easy tips for getting the job done without too many complaints! Continue reading

Are Heavy Metals Lurking In Your Favorite Foods? Hint: Chocolate May Be At Risk!

Recent health studies have made everyone feel better about indulging in a daily piece of dark chocolate. But what if your daily indulgence was full of heavy metals?

Heavy metals have long been known to saturate healthy drinking water. But now health officials are warning people about the possible contamination of their favorite foods, including chocolate. Continue reading

Omega 3 for Children: Here’s Why Not Supplementing May Be Holding Your Child Back

Providing the best care for their children is at the top of the list for every parent. But despite our best effort, kids don’t always eat the way we want them to.

Most adults are well aware of the health impact taking supplements has on them. But children’s supplements are often overlooked. The truth is children need supplements just as much if not more than adults to support their growing bodies! Continue reading

Easy Eye Exercises That Strengthen Your Vision

Many people use alternative treatments to improve health conditions of all kinds, including irritable bowel disease, skin problems, and chronic diseases. Why not use alternative methods to improve your eye health?

There are several exercises you can do to strength your eyes and improve your vision that don’t cost a thing and can be done anytime, anywhere! The Bates Method and the Tibetan Eye Chart are two places to start. Continue reading

A Unique Approach to Keeping Your Brain and Eyes Sharp for Ultimate Concentration

Optimal concentration is important whether you’re a college student or working adult glued to your computer or a senior citizen looking to keep your brain sharp. There are certain things you can do to achieve ultimate concentration and it starts by feeding your eyes and brain.

Omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins are especially important in keeping these two important organs functioning at their best. Other nutrients, such as ginseng, vitamin D and lutein, are little known nutrients that can help you stay sharp throughout the day. Continue reading