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Water for Health Blog: Promoting better health through hydration and nutrition.

At Water for Health we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their health. We consider it vitally important that people make informed choices with regard to their wellbeing. It is important to become informed on issues that dictate the quality of our lives. At Water for Health we consider good nutrition and proper hydration to be vitally important and this blog focuses on helping to enhance their importance and in particular the benefits of maintaining proper body alkaline balance.

No health claims are made or implied. Any reader contemplating implementing any suggestion made in any article should discuss with their health practitioner. Any guest posts do not necessarily represent the views of Water for Health.

Client Testimonials for pHAlo

Watch clients telling their stories about pHAlo and how much it has helped them - Amy, who couldn't sleep for more than four hours at night began to sleep right through the whole night after supplementing with pHAlo whilst her digestion and joint pain improved greatly; Shatonya, whose  haemoglobin A1C levels almost halved; Kim started taking pHAlo for joint pain in her knees and elbows and felt the difference within a month; and Faylene who suffered from gastric issues and joint pain no longer has this problem. Continue reading

How to Help Your Body Have a Great Summer Time Cleanse

Summer is on its way and there is no better time to cleanse your body of toxins so you can feel energetic and healthy. If you ate more unhealthy food than usual during the winter that clogged your digestive system with food and the rest of your body with toxins, a rejuvenating cleanse could certainly be in order. Most of us laze around our homes too much during the winter too, which makes us feel lethargic and compromises our bodies' ability to fight toxins. Continue reading

How Super Green Powders Can Contribute to Your Weight Loss Plan

Super green powders are supplements that contain grass, green vegetables, herbs, fibres, seaweeds, algae, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and often the usual vitamins and minerals found in normal supplements. The fact that they are so densely packed with nutrients has made them extremely popular. They are not only healthy, but they can also make a valuable contribution to your weight loss or weight maintenance plan.
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Children Found to Have Improved Memory and Attention When Hydrated

All parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and hopefully intelligent enough to be able to attend university if this is what the child wants, and/or enjoy successful careers. Beyond healthy eating, you will be surprised to learn how big a role water can play in the cognitive development of your children, and how too frequently it is overlooked.

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Become Happier by Getting Properly Hydrated

The human body is designed so that around 70 per cent of it should consist of water. This is why doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists are repeatedly telling us to drink between two and three litres of water per day. If we fail to supply our cells and organs with this amount of water, we turn things that can function properly only when hydrated into things that are as impotent as the dry leaves that die and fall off trees. Continue reading

A Guide to the Healthiest Cooking Oils

Many health experts advise us to avoid frying and roasting in oils, but anyone who cooks for a family understands how unrealistic that advice is. Many healthy foods can be fried for a bit of variety in a family's diet and they taste so good that few families want to let them go. If this sounds like your family, do not lose hope, some oils are healthy to use.

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The University of Edinburgh Tested Our Energy Plus Water Filter: The Incredible Results

The Energy Plus filter sold by Water for Health actually has four filters: the first two remove pollutants through a number of filtration processes, while the second two restructure and alkalise the water via advanced bioceramics that add natural alkaline minerals to it. The University of Edinburgh has tested the system and verified that both steps work as intended.

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Tasks Your Brain Performs Poorly When Dehydrated

Medical experts recommend that we drink eight glasses of water a day. That may sound like a lot of water, but since 70 to 80 per cent of our bodies consist of water, it should not be surprising that our bodies need plenty of it to remain hydrated. As a result, whether you are thirsty or not, you had better drink the required eight glasses a day, or even more depending on how active you are, to satisfy your body's needs.

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Sorry - Did You Just Say There are Hormones in My Tap Water?

Scientists have known for decades that there are substances in our tap water that are not natural components of water. This has been detected by testing the tap water itself and by observing peculiar new health effects on the fish in our rivers that feed into our tap water supplies. For example, many fish have been found with both male and female sexual organs and the fertility of male fish has declined so much that some of Britain's freshwater fish species have been extinguished. Continue reading

Small Doses of Hormones in Our Drinking Water Could Have a Massive Negative Impact on Our Health

Many of us have heard whispers that there are hormones in our drinking water. In 2002 the BBC, the Independent, and the Environment Agency conducted a joint study that found that British men's fertility had plummeted in the previous 50 years and that about half of the fish in British rivers had either changed sex or had the physical characteristics of both sexes. Continue reading

Is Your Bottled Water Harming Your Health and Fertility?

It is estimated that us Brits spend about £1.5 billion on bottled water every year. When first produced, bottled water was extremely popular in the healthy community. When compared with tap water, pure, fresh, natural spring water appeared to be a healthy way to consume those required eight glasses of water a day. Many serious doubts have since crept in, however, which have dented the beverage's former popularity.

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Why At Water for Health Our Superfood Powders are Organic or Wild Harvested

Organic farming refers to a system of agricultural practices that respects natural life-cycle systems. It selects plants that are natural to the season and location, it rules out chemical synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, it uses on-site resources like livestock manure for fertiliser, it uses on-site resources for animal feed, it raises animals outside on organic feed, it mostly prohibits additives and preservatives, Continue reading

How Antibiotics Harm Your Health and How to Help Your body Recover From It

In developed countries, the average person receives around 20 courses of antibiotics by age 18. Antibiotics are effective to treat bacterial infections, but are ineffective against viruses. Many health experts argue that physicians prescribe antibiotics too hastily without first ensuring that the patient's condition is really caused by bacteria. All this over-prescription of antibiotics is damaging our health in several ways. Continue reading

Why Experts Who Doubt the Alkaline Diet are Wrong

The media has been quite scathing of the benefits of the alkaline diet, quoting several medical experts who question its effectiveness or who believe that it is potentially harmful. At best these experts are contradicting themselves, at worst they are simply wrong.

Before launching into the arguments, let's first consider what food the alkaline and an acidic diet contain.
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What Living Alkaline Means to Cancer Survivor Kris Carr

She has written multiple books, made an award winning film, and survived an incurable stage four cancer with which she was diagnosed in 2003. During the subsequent twelve years while she has been living with cancer, she has explored all possible healthy lifestyle options with her attending physicians. One of her lifestyle choices was to live alkaline.

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