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Water for Health Blog: Promoting better health through hydration and nutrition.

At Water for Health we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their health. We consider it vitally important that people make informed choices with regard to their wellbeing. It is important to become informed on issues that dictate the quality of our lives. At Water for Health we consider good nutrition and proper hydration to be vitally important and this blog focuses on helping to enhance their importance and in particular the benefits of maintaining proper body alkaline balance.

No health claims are made or implied. Any reader contemplating implementing any suggestion made in any article should discuss with their health practitioner. Any guest posts do not necessarily represent the views of Water for Health.

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Mineral Deficiencies May Contribute to Migraine

Most migraine sufferers hunt for the trigger of their migraines by attempting to identify the common event that precedes their migraine episodes. This search is often unsuccessful, precisely because it seems as if many different events can bring on the episodes. In response, some researchers have performed blood, hair, and urine tests on migraine sufferers to find the physical characteristics they all seem to have in common. Continue reading

How Heavy Metal Detoxing Can Help Combat Diabetes

Heavy metals are all around you; you don't have to work in a mine or a factory to be contaminated. Lead can leach out of the soil or from your old water pipes into your tap water. Toxic elements from arsenic are widely used in fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides that seep into the soil in which food is grown. Lead and cadmium are used as colour enhancers in many household products and even children's toys, although the EU has attempted to stamp this out. Continue reading

The Potential Health Risks of Microwaving Your Food

Microwave ovens are quick and convenient for anything from warming yesterday's leftover lasagne, to cooking today's vegetables, and baking cakes. They tend not to burn food, so the dishes are easier to clean. Your family may pay a high price for this speed and convenience, however, which should make you think twice about using them as the food becomes perpetrated by microwaves and violently mutilated.
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Symptoms of Acidosis and Natural Treatment Options

Acidosis is a condition from which your body suffers when the pH of your blood and tissue drops below 7.35. It means that your cells cannot function properly and may even die because their acid content is too high. Typical Western foods and beverages, such as white bread, sugary pastries, salty crackers and crisps, meat, dairy, fast food, coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks, tend to cause acidosis. Stress and lack of exercise also contribute. Continue reading

Can the Alkaline Diet Help Your Indigestion Naturally?

A large percentage of people suffer from some form of ingestion, including heartburn, bloating, gassiness, and constipation. In the 21st century, it is unfortunately so easy to visit the pharmacy and purchase medicine that we ignore the causes of the condition. As a result, we never give ourselves the chance to attempt the healthiest and most natural treatment options. Most forms of indigestion are easy to overcome with an alkaline diet. Continue reading

12 Unconventional Strategies for Easy Healthy Weight Loss This Summer

Everyone knows the common, often-repeated weight loss strategies like eating breakfast, eating small meals in the evenings, drinking lots of water, exercising, and choosing the right types of food. If you want some more tips, or if your psychology does not play along terribly well with the conventional strategies, you are not out of options.

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Heavy Metals


Discover where the heavy metals that may be found in your drinking water come from and realise the importance of removing these from the water you drink every day.

Some of our products which help remove heavy metals from your drinking water and your body include our Biocera Alkaline Filter Jug; Zeolite Plus; Liquid Chlorophyll; our Energy Plus Water Filtration System and Quattro Cardio. Continue reading

Metabolic Syndrome Study: Hydrogen Rich Water Reduces Oxidative Stress

Obesity, insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are collectively called metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome sufferers often end up with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These three deadly disease are rampant in industrialised countries and is increasing in developing countries because of our unhealthy food production methods that we are exporting to them. Continue reading

Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Can Improve Your Microbiome and Digestive Health

Two types of water have made waves in the natural health community in the past few years. Hydrogen rich water and alkaline water have become popular to solve a wide range of health complaints. Hydrogen Water Versus Alkaline Water - Hydrogen rich water can be produced either by ionising (electrolysing) it, by bubbling hydrogen gas into it, or by adding magnesium to it that reacts with the water to release hydrogen. Continue reading

Eating Breakfast Helps With Weight Loss and 3 Delicious Alkalising Breakfast Recipes

While there are some recent dissenters, the vast majority of researchers have discovered that eating breakfast helps maintain healthy body weight, a higher activity level and less hunger throughout the day, less snacking, and lower scores on the main markers of metabolic disease. The catch? It has to be a healthy breakfast, ruling out most foods that typical families consume during the rush to school and work. Continue reading

Is Sugar Really So Bad For Us?

In the 21st century, residents of industrialised countries consume at least their entire body weight of sugar per year, with some of them consuming as much as twice their body weight in those 365 days. Most calories we consume daily are sugars. Not only does this differ from previous centuries when we ate more protein, fat, and fibre, but unlike in previous centuries, precious little of our current sugar intake originates from complex sugar sources like fruit and whole grains that contain large percentages of healthy nutrients too. Continue reading

The Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow colour. Commercially available curry powder contains it. You can also buy it as a stand-alone powdered spice and mix it with your favourite combination of other spices. However, since the spice contains far too little of the active ingredient, called curcumin, you need to obtain a turmeric supplement to enjoy these health benefits. Inflammation is responsible for a wide variety of modern diseases, including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and cancer. Continue reading

Is Your Shower Water Causing Your Skin Woes and Even Eczema?

The first step in treating any skin dryness, itchiness, rash, eczema, or other skin condition is to identify its cause. After all, if there is frequent contact between your skin and the cause of the problem, you may want to remove or avoid the cause before you spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a remedy. One common cause of irritating skin conditions is the water in which many of us shower every day.

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Help Save Our Planet by Using a Non-Toxic Sunscreen This Summer

Sunscreen is quite literally a life saver. It protects millions of people from potentially deadly skin cancer, especially during the summer. But this seemingly innocent product for skin also has a dark side, as it can also harm human, animal, and plant life, however, by spilling millions of litres of artificial chemicals into the sea, the rivers, the soil, and our drinking water that many commercial brands contain.

The Detrimental Effects of Chemical Sunscreen are caused by: Continue reading

How to Avoid Bloating on the Plane

Aeroplanes, especially on those long international flights, are uncomfortable places for our digestive systems. We are expected to sit quietly in a small cramped place for unnatural periods of time, we eat and drink constantly to overcome boredom whilst flying, and we are too embarrassed or disgusted to remain in the bathroom for a good long visit. Then, there is the food that we are served, that is usually the type that is over processed and refined which puts added strain on our digestive system at the best of times, and can cause gas and our abdominal region to swell. Continue reading