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Sleep and Relaxation

Just as it’s important for us to be active, we absolutely need sleep. And not just to avoid bags under our eyes either. A good night’s sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and benefits our heart and mind in untold ways. It’s also a vital component of weight management. On the whole, sleep contributes massively to quality of life.

If you’re battling insomnia and struggling to get a 7-8 hours shut-eye a night, perhaps you should consider a healthy natural supplement such as the ones we offer. After all, no-one wants to sacrifice sleep for long!

  • serenvin

    Serenvin is a combination of hydro-alcoholic solution extracts which are believed to promote physiological relaxation and peaceful, restful sleep and also reduce anxiety and tension. If you're struggling to get the shut-eye you need, why not give a try? Sleep is absolutely essential to quality of life, after all.

  • multimagnesio

    Multimagnesio is a magnesium supplement which consists of different salts in order to increase the bioavailability and efficacy. The absorption of magnesium, as well as for other minerals, is closely linked to the type of salt it is administered in. Multimagnesio magnesium is supplied in the form of 5 different salts in order to obtain efficient and controlled absorption.