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Alkaline Water Products

Good hydration is vitally important if we are to enjoy optimum health. At Water for Health we believe that drinking alkaline ionized water is beneficial for everyone.

We offer one of the widest ranges of affordable, effective product options, from the Biocera Alkaline Jug through to undersink alkaline water filter systems and personal water ionizers.

Alkaline ionized water was traditionally produced by electrolytic processes and there is still a wide choice of them on the market. Over the last decade, however, there has been an array of alkaline ionized water products developed using natural minerals instead of electricity.

At Water for Health, we specialise in the use of natural mineral based products. They are much more affordable – and one of our prime objectives is to bring the benefits of alkaline ionized water to as many people as possible.

The reaction between the minerals and the water results in an increased pH (more alkaline) and a change in oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

Hydrogen-Rich Water

The reaction also results in the release of molecular hydrogen, a unique compound that's gained worldwide attention in recent years. Research on the use of molecular hydrogen for therapeutic purposes is at an early stage, although the benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water are becoming ever more apparent, with over 500 peer-reviewed articles attesting to its massive potential. You can read more about alkaline water and molecular hydrogen here.

"Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste… After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I’m convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative diseases."

- Dr Sherry Roger, author of Detox or Die -


At Water for Health, we offer one of the most comprehensive collections of alkaline ionized water products in Europe.. We have sourced products from some of the main manufacturers and experts in this field. We supply worktop systems, built-in tap water filtration systems and portable units. Our objective is to make alkaline and hydrogen-rich water available and affordable for everyone.

We endeavour to support our products with a friendly, helpful service so that people can find the solution that is best for them, whether that's an alkaline water filter, a mineral stick or the best under sink water filtration unit available – which in our view is the Energy Plus. Obviously levels of filtration will vary from system to system; geography also determines the quality of one's tap water. Alkaline filter options are listed below, with further information on the product-specific pages in the left-hand column.

  • Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter

    This is the simplest, most cost-effective way of getting alkaline antioxidant water. Distinct from regular jug filters, the Biocera Jug transforms ordinary tap or bottled water into alkaline water which is rich in hydrogen. Expensive electronic water ionisers are no longer necessary to obtain alkaline water. The Biocera Alkaline Jug has been very popular since we introduced it to the UK in 2009.

  • Biocera AHA Water Bottle

    The Biocera Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant (AHA) Water Bottle gives you the power to transform regular filtered or bottled water into coveted alkaline antioxidant water. The portable bottle is perfect for taking to work, storing in a gym bag or sipping while travelling. It uses natural minerals to produce alkaline, hydrogen-rich water which is becoming ever more popular in health circles.

  • Energy Plus Water Filter

    A great choice if you're looking for high levels of water purification (including removal of fluoride) combined with the benefits of alkaline ionized water. The Energy Plus is a unique approach to enhancing the quality of drinking water. It combines high levels of contaminant removal with the benefits of advanced bioceramic minerals to give you filtered alkaline water with antioxidant properties.

  • Alkaline Mineral Stick

    With the Biocera Alkaline Mineral Stick, you can quickly and easily turn your bottled water into alkaline antioxidant water. Developed by leading bioceramic manufacturers Biocera, the stick is composed of several types of bioceramic mineral. Simply add the stick to bottled water and in a few minutes you'll have clean-tasting hydrogen-rich alkaline water. What could be simpler?

  • Alkaline Inline Filter Cartridge

    The Biocera alkaline antioxidant filter cartridge is an inline cartridge which alters the properties of filtered water. While water run through reverse osmosis or carbon filtration systems helps purify water, they have the negative effect of leaving the water mildly acidic; the Biocera inline filter, however, alkalises water and stimulates the release of molecular hydrogen.

  • Wave Q Vortex Water

    With the innovative Wave Q, you can alter the properties of water, enhancing oxygenation and increasing alkalinity in under ten minutes. Energizing your H20 is easy thanks to this alkalizing  water vortex. Simply add filtered or bottled water to the jug and wait for the Wave Q to work its magic. The product is especially useful when you wish to reactivate ‘dead’ filtered reverse osmosis water. 

  • Zeta pH Booster

    Zeta pH Booster Drops offer an effective means of alkalising water. A unique combination of sodium silica and trace minerals from vegetable sources, Zeta pH Booster Drops are highly concentrated and make an excellent supplement for those wishing to have access to mineral-rich alkaline water wherever they are. Just add 4 drops to a glass of water.

  • Alkalising Teabag

    This isn't any old tea bag, it's an Alkalizing Teabag. When its minerals react with water, the alkalinity will spike and the production of active hydrogen will commence. Composed of NSF-certified safe ceramic balls, the teabag is reusable, lasting for up to a month. Oh, and its minerals also emit far infrared energy to beneficially change the water's structure. Brew-tastic!


Interview of Roddy MacDonald from Water for Health with Karin Ridgers from VeggieVision TV

What is the Background of Alkaline Ionized Water?

Research into the production and use of alkaline ionized water began in Japan in the early 1960's. Now there are very many options for systems, with most manufacturing being based in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. Professor Won H Kim, a leading microbiologist from Korea, has stated in his writings that water should have 5 principal characteristics to be classed as 'healthy' water. They are:

  1. Water should be free of pollutants
  2. Water should have an abundance of alkaline minerals
  3. Water should have a negative oxidation reduction potential
  4. Water should be suitably structured
  5. Water should possess good energy

Although some of these criteria are still somewhat controversial and subject to considerable debate, we believe that they are a good target to aim for. Lack of detailed scientific peer reviewed research in this field, largely due to the fact that it has little scope for patenting, is limiting acceptance in some sections of the scientific and medical communities. However, use of the technology has spread widely through anecdotal evidence by both consumers and health practitioners. As such, the benefits of alkaline water are beginning to reach a wide audience.