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How to Optimise Body pH and Test Water Alkalinity

How to Optimise Body pH and Test Water Alkalinity

How to Optimise Body pH and Test Water Alkalinity

The chemistry of the human body requires a balanced pH level to maintained good health, and many well-informed health experts suggest striving to maintain a slightly alkaline pH ranging from 7.35 and 7.45.

Unfortunately, the human body has a tendency to be slightly acidic. In an acidic state, the body becomes susceptible to chronic illnesses such as gout, arthritis, kidney stones, cancer, and more. A convenience food diet, medications, lifestyle and stress can bring about low-grade acidosis, which is entirely detrimental for our health.

So what’s the solution? Optimising your pH of course. In this article, we’ll consider the effects of imbalanced pH balance while suggesting ways to positively influence your body pH.

What Happens When the Body is Acidic?

Proper balanced body pH is essential to maintain good oxygen transfer through the body. As the level of acidity increases in the blood, so the level of oxygen decreases.

According to Dr. Michael Lam, Director of Medical Education at the Academy of Anti-Aging, in his book “Beating Cancer with Natural Medicine”, the following things happen when the body is too acidic. An acidic environment will:

  • Decrease the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients
  • Decrease energy production in the cells
  • Decrease the body’s ability to repair damaged cells
  • Decrease the body’s ability to detoxify heavy metals
  • Enable tumour cells to grow
  • Make the body more susceptible to fatigue and illness

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Drink and Eat Your Way to a Heathy Body pH

The food and beverages we consume have an undeniable effect on our body pH. Highly acidic foods will not only alter our body pH, but can cause inflammation in and of themselves.

To achieve a healthy pH level, it is vital to feed your body with a range of nutritious whole foods and liquids instead of those that are processed or refined. By reducing your consumption of highly acid-producing foods, and increasing your daily intake of alkaline-forming foods, you will help to cultivate a healthy pH.

There are many alkaline-forming foods such as almonds, apples, avocados, most berries, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onions, and most fresh leafy greens and vegetables. 

An easy and efficient way of increasing our pH is to consume an alkalising daily supplement such as Vibrant Health Green Vibrance or Maximum Vibrance. These super green food blends provide an assortment of valuable trace nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, with Maximum Vibrance also providing a great source of plant-based protein.

Reducing the amount of acid-forming drinks we consume also plays a big part in nurturing optimum body pH. Having pure alkaline water on hand makes it easier. The Energy Plus Filter System provides alkaline water straight from the tap. 

There are several characteristics of health-promoting water as we see it. Healthy water should have an alkaline pH, antioxidant properties and, critically important for absorption and cell health, it should have good structure. 

We have focused on bringing all these properties together through cutting-edge filtration and the use of advanced bioceramic minerals. This is what sets the Energy Plus apart from other filter systems currently available. 

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Testing the pH of Your Body & Water

We can easily measure the alkalinity and acidity of our bodies at home using pH test strips. For testing our drinking water, it is best to use a pH Reagent. 

Our pH Test Strips are optimised for the measurement of your internal pH balance and, since they benefit from a dual-pad layout, they are incredibly easy to read.

The strips provide much more accurate results than the standard pH papers you’ll find at your local pharmacy. 

Calibrated from pH 4.5 to pH 9.0, they can provide you with an accurate measurement of your internal pH balance within just 10 seconds of dipping them into either urine or saliva.

It is best to check your urine pH first thing in the morning and take an average reading from the first two times you pass urine in the day. The ideal range is 6.5 to 7.25.

It is recommended to perform a pH test daily for 2-4 weeks. This will enable you to spot trends and adjust your diet/lifestyle accordingly. 

Our pH Test Colour Reagent has been specifically designed to test the pH of water. Simply add 4 drops of reagent to 50ml of water; wait for 3 minutes; then compare the colour of the solution to the colours on the chart provided.

It will take the guesswork out of the equation and help you stay on track with your alkaline regime. 

The colour reagent can be used to help measure the acidity of tap water, or the alkalinity of water produced by an alkaline filter such as the Energy Plus.

By using this Water pH Test Kit, you can ensure optimum pH balance and verify that your alkaline water filter is functioning correctly.