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How Using an Alkaline Water Bottle Improves Health

How Using an Alkaline Water Bottle Improves Health

How Using an Alkaline Water Bottle Improves Health

There are several valid reasons why using an alkaline water bottle is a good idea. With the goal of healthy water, the benefits include:

  • Environmentally beneficial, as investing in a reusable water bottle reduces single-use plastic bottles
  • Convenient and better quality water on-the-go
  • It can also save money if you’re used to buying bottled water

How about going one step further than a standard water bottle and choosing an alkaline hydrogen antioxidant one instead?

What extra benefits are there, and is it worth it? Read on to find out more.

The Benefits of Using an Alkaline Water Bottle

  • An AHA water bottle gives you the power to transform regular filtered or bottled water into alkaline antioxidant water.

    The portable bottle deploys natural minerals to produce alkaline, hydrogen-rich water, which is becoming ever more popular in health circles.

    Needless to say, an alkalising filter improves the pH level of your water, increasing it from the neutral range to the mildly alkaline.

    It is our view that maintaining the correct acid/alkaline balance is critical for good health.

    It’s vital for almost every bodily function, because if your pH balance is off, it can lead to decreased immunity, fatigue, and a heightened risk of infection and disease.

    pH means ‘potential of hydrogen’ and applies to the concentration of hydrogen ions in your body (or the measure of acid/alkaline balance).

    The pH scale is 0 to 14. The number seven is neutral. A healthy blood pH (or acid/alkaline balance) is between 7.35 to 7.45. Anything above this number is alkaline, and below it is acidic.

    Stomach and vaginal pH are naturally more acidic in a healthy person.

    When optimal pH levels are chronically disturbed, health problems can start to show up.

    Your body carefully controls your blood pH balance. But the more acidic the environment, the harder it has to work. As a result, your control systems become overwhelmed, and vital electrolyte stores get ransacked in a bid to keep things stable. 

    Electrolytes are essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, sodium and chloride.

    They play a crucial role in your well-being, powering your cells, maintaining fluid balance, hydration, nerve and muscle function, blood pressure, and heart and gut health.

    When these get stolen from your tissues, cells and bones, you are more vulnerable to several health issues, including toxicity build-up, poor gut health, nutrient deficiencies and chronic disease.

    There are a few ways to support healthy pH levels, but one is to drink alkaline, ionised water. It’s possible that alkaline water can help to neutralise acids and flush them from the body

    The ionisation process used to create alkaline water breaks it down into smaller clusters of molecules, enabling them to pass more easily through cell walls.

    We believe this makes alkaline water more hydrating and efficient at aiding detoxification.

    Increasing the Antioxidant Properties of Water

    Antioxidants and molecular hydrogen are the key ingredients in alkaline antioxidant water.

    Bioceramic minerals emit low levels of natural energy that improve water structure. In addition, they stimulate the release of molecular hydrogen (H2), an emerging antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects.

    There is some scepticism regarding the health benefits of hydrogen infused water, and research is ongoing. But the evidence is increasing around the healing potential of this safe form of drinking water.

    Molecular hydrogen helps protect your body from toxins deep down at a cellular level. In addition, several studies show that hydrogen-rich water can help increase antioxidant levels and reduce free radical damage.

    Oxidative stress happens when you don’t have enough antioxidants to neutralise excess free radicals. When they increase, free radicals become harmful, damaging your DNA, proteins and cells.

    Chronic oxidative stress leads to inflammation and can increase the risk of chronic disease including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

    Some studies suggest that the anti-inflammatory action of molecular hydrogen, plus its other capabilities, can potentially reduce the risk and effects of various diseases, including those listed above. Research continues, but so far, the results look promising.

    In one study published in 2017, the authors concluded that “H2-based therapies show great promise as novel and innovative tools to prevent and treat human ailments that are currently major health burdens globally.”


    Bioceramic minerals emit low levels of natural energy that improve water structure. They also stimulate the release of molecular hydrogen, an emerging antioxidant.

    A portable, reusable alkaline water bottle can provide you with healthy water for proper hydration.

    It protects the environment by reducing the levels of single-use plastic and is perfect for taking to work, storing in a gym bag or sipping while travelling. It’ll also save money if you regularly buy bottles of water.

    By going one step further than a standard water bottle, choosing an alkaline hydrogen antioxidant one instead, you could reap extra health benefits.

    As part of a healthy lifestyle and eating well, drinking AHA water can provide you with extra antioxidants to help neutralise harmful free radicals. It may also contribute to a balanced pH, aid detoxification and increase hydration.

    Written by Rebecca Rychlik, Nutritional Therapist and Homeopath. Follow Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook and Medium, @rebeccabitesback.