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Is Healthy Water Really the Key to Better Health?

Is Healthy Water Really the Key to Better Health?

Unlocking your body's full potential can be a challenge.

Everywhere we go, our bodies are bombarded by harmful pollutants, besieged by damaging chemical compounds and inundated with increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Even our traditional western diets are putting increased strain on our bodies' delicate internal systems by depositing acidic compounds into our bloodstream whenever we consume acid-forming foods or soft drinks.

Your Body's Many Cries for Water

These harmful chemical compounds are believed to lower your body's overall pH levels and force your red blood cells to clump together, reducing your ability to properly oxygenate your cells.

The result? We lose touch with our bodies; we forget what it’s like to feel healthy, and we accept that feeling rundown, tired and ill is a normal state of affairs.

Is there a cure? Dr Batmanghelidj certainly thought so. In his critically acclaimed book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, the late doctor said that ‘almost all of the health conditions that modern medicine mistakenly attributes to external sources are actually caused by dehydration’.

The author goes on to state that nourishing the body with good, healthy water could help to ‘prevent, or even cure, the majority of ailments’.

Dr Batmanghelidj also noted that drinking healthy water can help your body flush harmful wastes from your tissues, aid in the detoxification of cells, and encourage the proper oxygenation of your vital organs by revitalising your cardiovascular system and preventing red blood cells from clumping together.

The well-regarded doctor highlights healthy water for the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis by pointing out that drinking good water can help your body properly hydrate joints while also reducing the damage done by constant friction; furthermore by allowing your body to regenerate cartilage cells that are peeled away by abrasion each and every day.

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water even lists good, healthy water as a cure for dyspeptic pain, excessive weight gain and asthma, as well as recommending that anyone suffering from high cholesterol levels look into using it as a potential treatment.

According to Dr Batmanghelidj, drinking ten 8oz glasses of good, healthy water a day is enough to nourish your body, hydrate cells and provide your immune system with a much-needed boost.

What Do We Mean by Healthy Water?

Everybody's definition of healthy water is slightly different, but the general consensus is that healthy water is alkaline antioxidant water with a pH that lies somewhere between 7.5 and 9.

According to Professor Won H Kim, a leading microbiologist from Korea, healthy water is water that:

  • Is free of harmful pollutants such as chlorine or fluoride that are thought to exacerbate allergies and cause potential health problems later in life.
  • Has an abundance of alkaline minerals like zinc, iron or magnesium, which can help your body neutralise harmful acidic compounds and encourage the proper detoxification of cells.
  • Has a negative oxidation reduction potential, and contains all of the antioxidant compounds needed to hunt down and neutralise any oxygen free radicals in your system.
  • Has a natural, hexagonal structure, which makes it easy for your body to absorb and increases the efficiency with which you can transport nutrients between your cells.
  • Possess good energy.

Obviously tap water does not meet these criteria. In fact, the water that comes out of our taps is often loaded with unhealthy contaminants, such as chlorine, that can actively harm your health and reduce your body's ability to function correctly. Furthermore, tap water loses much of its structure in the long time it spends in storage tanks and metal pipes, making it difficult for the body to absorb, and further reducing its value as a potential health aid.

Healthy water typically comes from natural underground springs, where contact with mineral-rich rocks alkalises and restructures water on a daily basis. Unfortunately most of us don’t have access to natural underground springs, but recent advances in modern technology have made it possible for you to create healthy water in your own home.

These advances allow you to:

  • Filter your tap water through special Bioceramic Mineral Filters to raise its pH and imbue it with powerful antioxidant minerals.
  • Use an AHA Water Bottle to have hydrogen-rich, alkaline water on the go.
  • Have filtered, alkaline, hydrogen-rich water on tap using our Energy Plus under-sink filter system.

Creating Healthy Water Has Never Been Easier

If you’re interested in nourishing your body and obtaining optimum health, feel free to browse our range of carefully selected water products.

You can also delve further into the health benefits associated with drinking alkaline antioxidant water by ordering Dr Batmanghelidj's book.

Lastly, you can continue to learn about health-promoting water by reading our blog "What's the Healthiest Water to Drink?"