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Vitamin Angels Charity

Vitamin Angels: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Vitamin Angels: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Since there’s always room for a feel-good story amid the catastrophic forecasts and general doom and gloom, we thought we’d talk about Vitamin Angels and the stellar work the charity is doing throughout the world. Vitamin Angels has been our chosen charity for a number of years now, and we're proud to support their continued endeavours throughout the world. After all, the cause couldn't be any more worthwhile: Vitamin Angels have distributed life-saving vitamins and medications to over 70 million children in 74 countries.

Who Are Vitamin Angels?

Maybe you’ve heard of Vitamin Angels and maybe you haven’t. Regardless, the non-profit organisation is bigger now than it’s ever been. Its aim? To provide every at-risk woman and child with life-saving vitamins.

Vitamin Angels is doing everything it can to tackle malnutrition globally, with the help of financial  support granted by a small army of donors, volunteers and nutritional supplement companies such as ours.

Since its inception, the charity has linked up with both compassionate companies and field partners who help them carry out their duties in communities throughout Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the Far East.

In their travels, they have dispensed life-saving vitamin A supplements to ward off debilitating illnesses in impoverished mothers and children who don’t have access to foods containing vitamin A.

They have also provided chewable deworming tablets to combat the devastating effects of worms in children. 266 million kids are at risk of getting worms, which is why Vitamin Angels are determined to reach more people next year than they did last year.

Another major issue which Vitamin Angels has sought to address is prenatal care. To this end, they have formulated prenatal multivitamins that reach standard set by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF.

These valuable vitamins give the babies of poorly nourished pregnant mothers the best chance to survive and thrive, delivering nutrients such as folate – which supports brain and spine development – and iron, which prevents anaemia during pregnancy. Iodine is yet another valuable nutrient, insofar as iron deficiency can lead to miscarriage and stillbirth.

There is a branch of Vitamin Angels in the UK - Vitamin Angels UK They aim to improve children's nutrition in the UK by providing healthy supplemental food, free of charge, to select nurseries serving children who are at nutritional risk.

Want to Contribute to Vitamin Angels?

If you want to donate money to the cause, then you can. However, if you’ve ever bought a product from us, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve already contributed to the charity’s admirable efforts – by enabling us to donate more.

For every £1 we donate, five children in need receive life-saving vitamins. We are one of many companies who have pledged to support Vitamin Angels. Why? Because we passionately believe in what they are doing.

Because we want to give something back.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Last year was a record-breaking year for Vitamin Angels, with their reach extending further than ever before and their profile skyrocketing. 

If you’re worried about vitamin deficiency in your own right, or you simply wish to learn more about the importance of vitamins for proper physiological functioning, our Vitamins & Minerals page is well worth a read.

Lastly we would like to thank you, our loyal customers, for helping us support Vitamin Angels in their continued efforts to positively transform the lives of millions of malnourished women and children.

Together we can make a difference.