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Ground Base Nutrition

Always Organic, Always Ground-Based – that’s the mantra of Ground-Based Nutrition, who pride themselves on employing only the highest-quality whole food ingredients straight from Mother Earth. We met the brain trust of Ground-Based at the Natural Products Expo West in 2019 and clicked with them straightaway. Not only do they formulate their products using 100% natural organic ingredients, but they understand the important of quality nutrition in helping us maintain or regain our health.

Ground-Based’s founder and CEO, Charles C. Weller, is a former attorney and fitness professional. When Charles realised that most of the supplement companies he represented used artificial sweeteners, dyes, man-made synthetic chemicals and other unnatural components, he decided he could do better himself. Ground-Based Nutrition was born, and their range has won acclaim in the fitness industry for purity, efficacy and taste. We are proud to represent them in the UK.

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3 Items

  1. Keto Fit Protein -EXPIRY DATE 31/12/20

    From £18.75

    • 15g plant protein
    • Source of Medium Chain Triglycerides
    • Vegan, non-GMO
  2. C8 MCT Oil Powder

    From £13.75

    • 95% pure caprylic acid
    • Non-GMO, vegan
    • Keto-friendly
  3. Superfood Protein

    From £20.75

    • 20g plant protein
    • All whole-food ingredients
    • Vegan, non-GMO