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Planet Source

Founded in 1989, Planet Source is a family-owned nutraceuticals company specialising in wholly natural supplements formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Run from its distribution in South Florida, it is a leader in the market, offering quality and value to customers throughout the world.

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3 Items

  1. Berberine

    From £29.75

    • Vegan-friendly berberine HCL
    • Free from corn, sugar, salt & wheat
    • One month supply
  2. Planet Source ZEC + Immunity

    From £27.75

    • Zinc, Sambucus, Quercetin, Vitamin C & D3
    • Promote natural immune potential
    • Free from Gluten, Dairy & Soy
  3. Planet Source Nascent Iodine

    From £24.75

    • The most bioavailable form
    • 450 mcg of iodine per serving
    • 600 servings per bottle