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Children's Products

We all want what’s best for our kids, and what better way to ensure your child’s development than by feeding them properly? Growing bodies need fuel to build muscle and bone, as well as nutrients to stimulate brain development and immune function.

Our high-quality children’s products are specially formulated to plug gaps in kids’ diets that are sadly all too common. When your little ones take onboard adequate nutrients, they are well placed to fulfil their genetic potential and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

  • Super Kids vibrance

    Super Kids Vibrance plugs gaps in a young person's diet, so they can grow up to satisfy their genetic potential. Packed with plant protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, not to mention 9 billion friendly probiotics, it's so much more than a 'protein powder for kids'. Available in apple and chocolate flavours, it can be mixed with water or the child's favourite fruit juice.

  • QuattrO3+PS

    QuattrO3 + PS is a unique complex of high-quality omega-3 fish oils and other nutrients, specially formulated to optimise children's health and growth. In particular, it is designed to help them realise their full potential at school. The addition of vitamin D3 helps promote normal growth and bone development and also aids the immune system. So much more than a fish oil for children.