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Detox Supplements

Dietary contaminants and environmental pollution expose our bodies to an increasingly large number of potentially hazardous toxins. These toxins – particularly the heavy metals, neurotoxins and chemical pesticides – accumulate in our systems over time, disrupting our body's ability to absorb nutrients properly and also contributing to:

  • Lack of energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor cellular health
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of focus
  • Low immune function

That's why we feel it's essential that everyone add some sort of natural detoxification supplement to their health and wellness regime. Our range of detox supplements is extensive, with each chosen for its ability to enhance the body's ability to expel contaminants using liquid zeolites, minerals, amino acids or nutrients that can either boost cellular function or bind to the overwhelming majority of dietary and environmental contaminants – particularly heavy metals like lead and mercury. 

For more information, please pick one of the products from the range below.

  • Fulvic restore 100ml

    Fulvic Restore is a concentrated fulvic acid supplement that has been extracted from ancient plant minerals without the use of chemicals. Containing high levels of fulvic acid in addition to trace minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and trace elements, it is very likely the most concentrated natural fulvic acid supplement on the market and is perfect for boosting nutrient absorption.

  • Cellular DTX

    Cellular DTX is a powerful natural cellular support supplement by Greens Best. Formulated by medical doctors, it integrates several powerful ingredients to help the body achieve optimum cellular health. These include turmeric root (95% curcuminoids), green tea and astragalus. Cellular DTX is the ideal product if you are looking to nourish the millions of cells in the body.

  • zeolite

    Zeolite Plus is a fantastic natural complex of zeolite, humic acid, fulvic acid and pure water. It also contains natural trace minerals. Many find Zeolite to be extremely useful due to its special cage-like chemical structure, allowing it to act as a natural absorbent and attach itself to toxic molecules. Comes in a 2 oz. glass bottle with medicine dropper for easier dispensation.

  • Gigartina 120

    Red Marine Algae is an excellent source of sulphated polysaccharides, complex compounds thought to play a vital role in boosting immune health. The specific strains in Gigartina are known to have an inhibiting effect on certain viruses including the herpes virus and Epstein-Barr virus. RMA is also known to help improve metabolism and can be useful as part of a weight management regime.

  • Drenvin-400

    Drenvin is a food supplement based on a combination of plants traditionally believed to promote the drainage of bodily fluids and achieve a purifying effect by balancing the intestine and stimulating the proliferation of bacterial flora.

  • Depurvin-400

    Depurvin was developed to help with drainage and purification. It is made from herbal plants, extracted for the most part whilst fresh for more active ingredients. It acts simultaneously on all the excretory organs, helping to remove and eliminate toxins.

  • Epavin
    Epavin is a classic herbal combination which uses many plants traditionally thought to enhance drainage and detoxification, restoring the physiological functions of the liver and assisting in the digestive process. It is one of the most popular Spagyric products which combine modern science and ancient botanical knowledge.