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Digestive Support

If we are going to enjoy optimum health, we need to have a properly functioning digestive system. Problems in the digestive tract affect every other body system including our cardiovascular and emotional health. Our range includes a number of high-quality probiotics and digestive enzymes in addition to botanical products to help promote a properly functioning digestive tract.

  • enzalase

    Enzalase is an ultra-potent, multi-enzyme dietary supplement containing only FDA approved G.R.A.S digestive enzymes from plants. The individual enzyme activities in Enzalase are balance-formulated to enhance the body's ability to digest all food groups in a meal while stimulating probiotic bacteria at the same time.

  • Progurt Probiotics

    Progurt is the most powerful probiotic supplement in the world, with each sachet containing 1 trillion CFU – around 40 times as much as other market-leading probiotics. Not only that, but the bacteria are Human Probiotic Isolates – identical to those found in a healthy human gut from birth. It is this effective strain of friendly bacteria which sets Progurt sachets apart from the competition.

  • Berberine 1200 60 caps

    Planet Source's Berberine supplement provides 1200mg of berberine HCL per serving, and each container gives a one-month supply. Berberine is a natural alkaloid extracted from various plants used in traditional Chinese medicine. The supplement is free from corn, sugar, salt, wheat, soy, gluten and artificial ingredients, and is manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • Gin Zyme

    Ginzyme is a natural digestive support supplement. Formulated by the doctors at Greens Best, this combination of herbal ingredients and enzymes could help to reduce bloating and gas and and assist the metabolism in breaking down food to assure proper nutrient absorption. The high-quality formula supports healthy regularity and overall digestive comfort. 

  • Maximized Turmeric

    Turmeric is increasingly appreciated for its wide-ranging health benefits. However, the ancient spice is not readily absorbed in the body, with the vast majority of what is ingested through food or supplements going to waste. Vibrant Health's Maximised Turmeric 46x is a significant leap forward, and is clinically formulated to yield turmeric in a form much better assimilated by the body.

  • Green Vibrance 60

    Green Vibrance is a nutrient-dense green supplement for the entire family. Containing over 70 ingredients, including organic spirulina, organic oat grass and chlorella, not to mention antioxidant herbs, vitamins, minerals and 25 billion probiotics, the gluten-free supplement provides comprehensive nutritional support. 

  • Epavin
    Epavin is a classic herbal combination which uses many plants traditionally thought to enhance drainage and detoxification, restoring the physiological functions of the liver and assisting in the digestive process. It is one of the most popular Spagyric products which combine modern science and ancient botanical knowledge.
  • Lactobaob

    LactoBaob is a natural product specially formulated to help balance intestinal microflora. It contains Baobab fruit, which is indicated to favour the body's natural defences, as well as probiotic lactic acid bacteria, which is useful for the balance of intestinal flora. It also contains several powerful enzymes – including amylase, protease and lipase – to support healthy digestion.