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Fish Oil Supplements

Research continues to underline the significant therapeutic benefits that fish oil consumption can bring to our diets. In particular to brain health, heart health and skeletal health.

Water for Health represents WHC Health Consulting in the UK and Ireland. They manufacture very high-quality fish oils and other specialist dietary supplements. In the case of their fish oils, they have the highest concentration of EPA/DHA available.

WHC products are manufactured in Europe to exceedingly high standards so as to ensure their purity. WHC also harvest fish from sustainable sources using cold and environmentally-friendly technology.

The company have combined their high-quality fish oils with other valuable nutrients to give you a range of products that support overall health, and in particular the health of your brain, cardiovascular system, joints and immunity.

Since 2015, UnoCardio 1000 has been ranked the world's best-quality fish oil by independent laboratory Labdoor.

Of the 53 products tested, it was the only one to be awarded an overall A rating, taking into account quality, purity and value. In short, it was recognised as the best of the best.

UnoCardio X2 is currently ranked #3.

  • UnoCardio 1000

    UnoCardio 1000 is the world's best-quality fish oil, as named by independent US laboratory Labdoor. Derived from fish harvested from sustainable sources, the premium fish oil supplement combines high levels of EPA (675mg) and DHA (460g) with vitamin D3 (1,000 IU). Manufactured to support the health of the heart, brain, vision and bones, UnoCardio 1000 represents the gold standard in omega-3 supplementation. 

  • UnoCardio X2

    UnoCardio X2 is a newly-formulated fish oil supplement that provides an exceptionally high concentration of omega-3. Manufactured by leading fish oil company WHC, UnoCardio X2 (formerly UnoCardio) supplies a scientifically-proven dose of 1200mg omega-3 from 1300mg fish oil. It is currently ranked #3 (of 53) in Labdoor's independent league table of fish oils.

  • Unocardio Active Mind 400

    UnoCardio Active Mind + Vision Complex is a powerful formulation that combines high-quality, readily absorbable omega-3 fish oils with B vitamins, vitamin D3 and other antioxidants. Formulated to help promote brain and vision health, this unique supplement is ideal for those wishing to maintain high levels of focus and concentration, as well as older adults wishing to preserve cognitive function.

  • QuattrO3+PS

    QuattrO3 + PS is a unique complex of high-quality omega-3 fish oils and other nutrients, specially formulated to optimise children's health and growth. In particular, it is designed to help them realise their full potential at school. The addition of vitamin D3 helps promote normal growth and bone development and also aids the immune system. So much more than a fish oil for children.

  • WHC Quattro Cardio

    QuattroCardio is a high-quality, nutrient-rich supplement designed to promote the good health of men and women over 35. Integrating omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA with Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and Coenzyme Q10 as Ubiquinol, QuattroCardio contributes towards the well-being of the cardiovascular, neurological, immune and skeletal systems. Individually sealed in blister packs for enhanced freshness.

  • B-Hada III

    A high-quality fish oil for women, B-Hada III supplies the benefits of both pharmaceutical-grade GLA and EPA/DHA. The concentrated omega oil formulation is also enriched with organic sea buckthorn oil. Its GLA content, meanwhile, is far higher than in most other borage oil products, meaning you can take a lesser dose to achieve the same benefit. One pack contains 30 capsules.

  • UnoCardio EPA 90%

    UnoCardio EPA 90% is a high EPA fish oil supplement from omega-3 specialists WHC. A highly pure, pharmaceutical-grade EPA omega-3, the softgels contain 1000mg of eicosapentaenoic acid per serving and just 5mg DHA. Certified from sustainable fisheries and using non-endangered fish species. In addition to EPA, the supplement contains phosphatidylserine and astaxanthin.

  • WHC Omega 3 Test

    Is your diet lacking in omega-3s? The Omega-3 Index measures the amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) in your blood to inform your circulatory health. Omega-3s have been found to keep cells younger for longer. With a level below 8%, you should consider a supplement. Omega-3s occur naturally in oily fish, but regretfully most people do not eat the recommended two portions per week.


What is different about our selection of Omega-3/6 Oils?

Cold production process. Smart choice.

  1. Cold and Environmentally-Friendly technology.
  2. Levels of PCB ’s, heavy metals, pesticide below the detection limit.
  3. Out of respect for the environment, only uses fish – such as anchovies, sardines, mackerel and herring that are recognized as not being endangered species.
  4. A balanced mix of rosemary and tocopherol extracts, maintains the freshness of each WHC supplement.

Have a look at our Fish Oils Comparison Chart to see the great difference between our products and other products on the market.

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