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Better health through optimum body pH balance.

Maintaining a correct body pH balance is vitally important if we are to enjoy good health. Proper body pH balance promotes health and vitality from cellular level. It keeps the body properly oxygenated which in turn helps to energise the body and support high levels of immunity.

Biocera Alkaline Jug Green Vibrance
Maximum Vibrance UnoCardio 1000
Energy Plus Water Filter

Water for Health supply leading edge alkaline ionized water products, quality green superfood powders, healthy oils and alkalising supplements to help clients alkalize and oxygenate the body by supporting better body pH balance.

We are alkaline by design but unfortunately modern diets, lifestyles, stress and environmental pollution can put excessive stress on our body's natural buffer systems leading to excess acidity in the blood and tissues. This in turn if not corrected can lead to serious health problems.

At Water for Health we passionately believe that good hydration and quality nutrition can have an enormously beneficial impact on our health. We believe that they are essential if we are to maintain good health and are vitally important for our recovery from health problems.We are main distributors for several premier brands including:

  • Biocera - Alkaline Water Products including the very popular Alkaline Jug Filter
  • Vibrant Health - Suppliers of quality green superfoods, and dietary supplements including the award winning Green Vibrance Powder
  • Omega Nutrition - The original flax seed oil company – now offering a wide range of quality organic oils.
  • Master Supplements - High-strength probiotics, pre-biotics and digestive enzymes including the breakthrough probiotic Theralac.
  • Coral Calcium LLC - An innovative company that provides readily absorbable minerals based on coral, including Coral Complex Powder.
  • Life Health Sciences - Suppliers of high-quality detoxification products based on liquid zeolites to help remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body.
  • WHC Nutrogenics - A high quality range of fish oil products to support the health of the heart, brain, skeletal system and skin.
  • Revitacell - Our own brand of quality alkaline products and supplements including Alkamax and Fulvic Restore.

In addition we supply several other products to aid alkalising, oxygenation, and detoxification of your body. Our products to help better hydration and proper acid alkaline balance are supported by a high quality caring, personal service driven by a desire to make a real improvement in people's health. The web site is divided into a number of sections with leading edge products supported by relevant information. These products are all geared directly or indirectly towards helping you gain the proper body pH balance with all the benefits that can bring. If you are new to this subject then feel free to call us and we will be happy to point you in the direction of information and products that you might find helpful.