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Water for Health Blog: Promoting health through hydration, nutrition, detoxification and a positive lifestyle.

We want to help you attain great health through sensible, research-backed lifestyle interventions. In this section you’ll find diet advice, news about emerging disease-prevention studies, product reviews, topical content and lots more.

  1. What Are Enzymes, And What Do They Do For Us?

    Enzymes are proteins that play a vital role, helping to speed up both cellular and extracellular chemical reactions in the... Read More
  2. How to Maintain the Correct Acid Base Balance for Health

    Your acid base balance is also known as pH balance, and maintaining healthy levels is essential. Read on to find... Read More
  3. When to Take Supplements on Keto

    The ketogenic diet or “keto” for short is almost as popular as the vegan diet. Despite popular belief, these diets... Read More
  4. How Using a Filtered Water Bottle Improves Health

    There are several valid reasons why using a filtered water bottle is a good idea. With the goal of clean... Read More
  5. The Many Ways That Fish Oils Can Benefit Your Health

    Omega-3 fats are incredibly beneficial for health. The most important are: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)  alpha-linolenic acid (ALA... Read More
  6. When to Take Antioxidant Supplements – And Are They Safe?

    Antioxidants are an invaluable addition to our diets, with far-reaching health benefits. But what's the best way to ensure you're... Read More
  7. What Are Magnesium Supplements Good For?

    Many people think they can get all the nutrients they need from food. Sadly, this is often not the case.  The... Read More
  8. The Raw Organic Green Powder Drink Healthy Diet Guide

    If you want to get into a routine of drinking green juice first thing in the morning, there are many... Read More
  9. 7 Natural Solutions for Hay Fever and Allergic Rhinitis

    Spring has sprung, and a long-awaited summer is almost here. But for some of us, this also means hay fever... Read More
  10. Evaluating New Research on Cesarean C-section & Microbiome

    Having a c-section is often a matter of emergency. Once mother and baby are out of the operating room, the... Read More

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