Should we all be Worried About Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria?

Recently there has been considerable publicity in the media with regard to the effects of overuse of antibiotics and the fact that we are now seeing strains of bacteria that are resistant to all current antibiotics. Additionally there is the fear being whipped up in the press with regard to infections such as Sars. So what can we do- what is our defence? The answer I believe is to create in our bodies an inner terrain that is a hostile environment where harmful pathogens will not flourish. As we understand it if the body pH is at the optimum level then we will have optimum body oxygenation and then we will create an inner environment where these harmful bacteria will not flourish. Although many people choose to follow the alkaline diet approach to improve their energy levels, enhanced immunity is one of the most significant benefits.
Proper body pH balance is important in very many ways. It affects nutrient absorption, it affects detoxification. According to Dr Michael Lam, director of Medical Education at the Academy of Anti-Aging research, US in his book Beating Cancer with Natural Medicine he states the following points that happen when the body is too acidic.

1. It decreases the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients
2. It decreases energy production in the cells
3. It decreases the body’s ability to repair damaged cells
4. It decreases the body’s ability to detoxify heavy metals
5. It enables tumours to thrive
6. It makes the body more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

There is still the widespread belief that the body’s natural buffer systems will always bring the blood pH into balance. However research suggests that modern living is putting a huge strain on these buffer systems and as a result many people are suffering the effects of low grade metabolic acidosis, which if not corrected can set the scene for degenerative disease.

Alkaline water and the Biocera Jug

Many of our clients buy our water products because they are looking for solutions to produce alkaline water. However in addition to the alkalising effect the water is changed in other ways which are as equally important as the alkalising effect. The water has got antioxidant capabilities and the change in the structure enables better absorption. When we introduced the Biocera Alkaline Jug to the UK about 3 years ago, our objective was to make alkaline, antioxidant water affordable to everyone. To our knowledge the Biocera bioceramics in the Alkaline jug, the Mineral stick and the other Biocera products are the only ones to have NSF certification. If you are not drinking alkaline antioxidant water then think seriously about doing so. The Biocera Jug is an excellent place to start. We believe that drinking plenty of good healthy water is the simplest thing that most people could do to improve their health. You can find out more about the Biocera Jug here.

Coconut Oil – Alzheimers?

There is increasing awareness of the role that coconut oil can have in helping to maintain health. In particular recently there has been publicity in its role in helping Alzheimers disease. There will no doubt be further research focusing on this particular application of coconut oil. However it is something that we should all be adding to our diets. It is the best oil for using for high temperature cooking. It is also great as an alternative to butter as a spread. It comes either flavoured or without the distinct coconut flavour. We get our Coconut Oil from Omega Nutrition, who supply the highest quality of oils. With world prices of coconut dropping they have been able to reduce the price of coconut oil which is reflected in our new online prices. Omega Nutrition’s coconut oil originates in the Phillipines which is regarded as producing the best quality coconuts. You can find details of the different product options here.

pHreah Greens – Dense, Alkalising Nutrition.

We have had recent difficulties with continuity of supply of pHresh greens but are pleased to report that we now finally have got them back in stock. They are a great raw greens product that has got good energy. A blend of grasses, grass juice powders, selected green vegetables together with spirulina and chlorella. A great nutrient dense, alkalising blend . Find out the details here.

Maximum Vibrance – The one Product That can Cover all Bases bar One!

Last month we mentioned about the launch of Maximum Vibrance Powder from Vibrant Health. This is already proving popular, largely because of the completeness of the nutrition. It is a greens product, a protein powder, a multi vitamin, a probiotic, an antioxidant and much, much more. It gives complete nutrition without the requirement to take any other supplements except for Omega 3 which you can get from a daily teaspoon of Flax Oil. Have a look at the 120+ ingredients in Maximum Vibrance.

Thanks again for being our customers, we passionately want to make a difference to the quality of health of all those who interact with you. Thank you for telling your friends and family about us. Although many doctors understand that good nutrition can play an important role in disease prevention, fewer understand its important role in the healing of disease. We believe that if you give the body what it needs the body has a wonderful ability to positively respond.

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