Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver!

This quote attributed to William James has got many possible interpretations. However there is no doubt if we are to enjoy high levels of physical health then we need to support our liver: In fact so many of our physical complaints have their origin in malfunctioning of the gastro intestinal tract. The implications of that being that if we put our attention on improving digestion then it will help us in some many other different ways. Acid reflux, helicobacter pylori infections, gall bladder issues, inflammatory bowel problems, constipation, bloating are all signs that things are not working properly and we need to give it attention or we may end up with bigger problems later.

When we distributed the EIS system (electro interstitial scanning) a few years ago, the commonest issue that we noticed while carrying out demonstration scans was imbalances in the liver, pancreas and gall bladder. A large percentage of people were struggling to cope with modern living, the typical western diet and high levels of stress. If we could get these 3 organs properly balanced we would see less diabetes problems, less cardio vascular problems and generally significantly better health and immunity.

Are we really what we eat?

We are told that ‘we are what we eat’. In fact that is only partially correct. We are in reality what we absorb. A healthy digestive tract is necessary for good absorption and also for effective detoxification.
So what can we do? We believe that moving your diet to an increasing percentage of alkaline residue foods would be a good start; and particularly eliminating sugars which feed the harmful microorganisms that will colonise an unbalanced digestive tract.

One of the main focuses of Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance powder has been to improve digestive health. That is why it specifically includes ingredients to support the liver and pancreas, digestive enzymes and a high probiotic level. Anything that strengthens the digestive tract will as a consequence improve cardio vascular health, hormonal health and neuro-logical health, by aiding better assimilation of nutrients and better detoxification. There are other nutrients in ‘greens’ such as broccoli sprout powder which is known to inhibit helicobacter pylori in the stomach.

Green Vibrance Powder has received another award in the US. It has been voted as the best greens product by Delicious Living Magazine.

Alkaline Water to help acid reflux.

Of course in addition to a scoop of Green Vibrance per day you should also drink plenty of good healthy alkaline water. It is vital to help flush toxins and excess acidity out of the body. Interestingly a recent study published by the Voice Institute in New York that giving people alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 helped to improve acid reflux, an increasingly common problem. We have numerous options for every one to be able to drink alkaline antioxidant water.

Coconut oil for easier digestion.

Coconut oil is easier on the digestion because the fatty acids in it are smaller molecular chains than most other oils. It is also the best oil to use for any high temperature cooking. If you do not like the coconut flavour then we have Omega Nutrition’s unflavoured coconut oil. MCT oil, in addition to being popular for weight management and as a quick energy source for sports people is also good for those who have problems with fat absorption and particularly inflammatory bowel disease. It is derived from coconut and palm oils. Also ensure you have sufficient Omega 3 – Flax Seed Oil is the best vegetarian source.

Chia seeds – an amazonian superfood

Chia seeds are also great for the digestive tract. This Amazonian seed, high in protein, fibre and omega 3’s is a great addition to the diet. It has little taste and can be added to many foods. You can also let it soak for 15 minutes to soften and then add it to juice or smoothie. Good to help move things along your digestive tract!

If you have that bloating feeling, are struggling with varied stomach acid pains, or somewhere along the line things are not moving or digesting properly then just think, nature has endowed us with so many things to help us enjoy good health. Give your body what it needs and it will respond marvellously. And most of all look after your liver and it will look after you!

Let us know if we can be a help in any way.

Best Regards