A pilot study into the antioxidant activity exhibited by an electrolized NaCL solution by Kazou Miyashita, Manami Yasuda, Toru Ota and Tetsuya Suzuki.


The effectiveness was evaluated of a cathodic solution prepared by the electrolysis of an NaCl solution in inhibiting the aqueous oxidation of ethyl linoleate and ethyl docosahexaenoate.

The decrease in un-oxidized substrate and the formation of total peroxides during oxidation indicate that the cathodic solution completely inhibited the oxidation of both ethyl esters, while these lipids were easily oxidized in a NaCl solution and in distilled water. The antioxidative activity of the cathodic solution was confirmed after open incubation for 3 days and 7 days at 35 degrees Celsius although the scavenging ability of the cathodic solution towards DPPH disappeared during this Incubation.

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