MCT oil is rapidly gaining recognition in the sports world for its ability to sustain energy levels, which is critically important for certain groups of athletes, particularly those performing endurance sports.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT which stands for medium chain tryglycerides is a small chain fatty acid complex, normally derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

  Whereas coconut oil contains three fatty acids, lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, MCT oil only contains the latter two which are the smaller molecular chains.  Hence MCT oil is even more readily utilised by the body than even coconut oil. It provides a great source of energy.

Top cyclist tells of fantastic results with MCT oil.

[caption id="attachment_869" align="alignleft" width="300"]Christian Maier in action Christian Maier in action[/caption]

Christian Maier, one of Canada's top cyclists who races on the world's top cycling stage,  has found enormous benefit from adding MCT oil to his diet.  Christian races for Australian team Orica Greenedge.  The team are based in Europe for the largest part of the year competing throughout the world.  This is what Christian says about his experience with MCT oil.

As a top level professional athlete there are few things as important as your physical wellbeing.  We train each day with an intense focus on getting the most out of each training session and recovering well in order to arrive on race day at our best possible form.  Cycling is a truly demanding sport with races lasting up to three weeks covering hundreds of kilometres a day, in conditions ranging from cold and snowy to extreme heat.

[caption id="attachment_870" align="alignright" width="196"]MCT Oil MCT Oil[/caption]

A couple of seasons ago I started incorporating coconut oil into my nutritional regime after learning about its many health benefits and it seemed the best way to incorporate more fats into my diet to help offset the high caloric demand of our sport.  The effects were great and in a desire to further improve any benefits MCT oil seemed like the next logical step.

Since introducing MCTs into my diet the results have been fantastic, never have I been leaner, had greater mental focus and stable energy supply that seems to last all day.  Add to that the benefits of muscle sparing and immune system boosting properties and you truly have a product that all athletes should be taking seriously

The MCT oil that Christian uses is manufactured by Omega Nutrition, Canadian based suppliers of a great range of quality oils.  MCT oil has quickly grown in popularity due to its unique ability to provide sustainable energy. In addition to its uses in performance sport, MCT oil is also proving popular for supporting health, particularly with people that have got fat absorption problems.