We always encourage our clients and prospective clients to become informed and take personal responsibility for their health.

To help them achieve this aim, we have produced – in conjunction with nutritionists – a series of downloadable ebooks packed with valuable information. We are gradually adding to the range.

Many readers have commented that the information in terms of nutrition and lifestyle has been of immense benefit to them. Simply click on the ebook you're interested in, and this will take you to the download page.

alkaline ebook Simple Steps to Optimum Health is an overview of how body alkaline balance is so important to optimum health, with suggestions for simple things that you can do to help bring the body back into balance. The book also includes a number of resources including information on the acid/alkaline residue of common foods, as well as further reading that might prove helpful. A valuable resource to encourage you to take steps on the journey to optimum health.
The Healing Powers of Fats And Oils is a great resource with valuable information on the benefits of consuming good oils in your diet, in addition to information on the types of oils to avoid. This book was co-written by Clinical Nutritionist Elspeth Waters and Roddy MacDonald of Water For Health. There is considerable confusion as to the role of fats in human health; this book endeavours to separate the facts from the myths. fats and oils ebook
Detoxification – More Than Just a Buzzword is an excellent introduction to the hotly-debated subject of detox, and provides information about how to gently and consistently detoxify your body from the constant exposure to toxins in our food, water, air and from many other sources. Much of the focus on this ebook is the role that body alkaline balance can have in detoxification. It was written for Water for Health by Amy Morris, Naturopathic Nutritionist.
Alkaline Weight Loss. With excess weight becoming a fact of life for an increasing percentage of the population, and most diets providing unsustainable results, this ebook takes a refreshing and different approach. Designed to give you an introduction to attaining proper body alkaline balance, it can set you on the road to an ideal weight and help to keep you there.  Written for Water for Health by Amy Morris, Naturopathic Nutritionist.

In addition to the above, we intend to publish several more ebooks to help our clients attain better health through good nutrition and proper hydration.

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