Your time to quit smoking is now. Every cigarette you smoke brings you closer to death. With every inhale you are poisoning yourself from the inside out. Your lungs are being filled with chemicals and toxins that bind to your tissues. You want to stop but have become so addicted that the struggle is too strong.

But your body is a miraculous machine. Even after smoking your last cigarette, your body is working hard to repair itself. It tries detoxing the nicotine from your bloodstream and lungs within minutes. And every time you smoke another cigarette you are undoing all that hard work your body tries to accomplish.

To wrap up our series on helping you to quit smoking, we realise that you might need a hand. Over-the-counter medications are available to help you quit, but side effects range from cognitive impairments to an increased risk of suicide. Your smoke free journey won’t be an easy one, but using these natural remedies can help. And they are free of side effects!

  1. Why Your Body Needs More Water To Help You Quit Smoking
  • One of the reasons why it is so hard to kick the smoking habit is because nicotine builds up in the body as a toxin and we can’t get rid of it. So nicotine is always present in your bloodstream. It is even probably built up in your tissues. These toxins can cause damaging inflammation that disrupts the normal metabolic processes of the body.
  • Your body begins to naturally detox and heal itself as soon as you quit smoking. But when nicotine lingers in your bloodstream and tissues, your body can’t heal. Drinking more water helps flush out these toxins so that you have a fighting chance of getting over the habit. When all the nicotine in your body is flushed out, your cravings should greatly reduce.
  • Drinking more water is like speeding up the body’s healing process. Although drinking any type of water will help improve symptoms, it is best to make sure you are flooding your body with alkaline water instead of tap. Alkaline water provides minerals that help remove toxins and rebuild damaged tissues. Alkaline water also promotes pH balance in the bloodstream that has been damaged by the building up of nicotine toxins.
  • There are several ways to drink more water during your busy daily schedule. Try carrying some alkaline water drops with you and turn any water you drink into alkaline water. If you’re really serious about flushing out the toxins, invest in an alkaline water system for your home to purify the water you use in laundry, when you’re bathing or washing your hands and teeth. The more toxins you eliminate from your daily routine, the better chance you have at restoring alkalinity. If you’re at a loss, start with an easy water purifying bottle.
  1. Detox Supplements May Help You Quit Smoking For Life
  • Every time you put down a cigarette, your body is already hard at work trying to repair itself. Help your immune system flush toxins by supplementing with detox products that are designed to eliminate the nicotine and other harmful substances from your body.
  • In addition to eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, consider getting in some added antioxidant support from some toxin therapy. Antioxidants protect the lungs and cells from being invaded by toxins such as nicotine by binding to free radicals and moving them out of the body. Your body will do this eventually when you stop smoking, but you can help speed up the process by eating the right foods and cleansing with the right supplements.
  • Consider taking a three day cleanse to rejuvenate both your body and mind. You’ll come out with better willpower and a clearer thought process to help you win the battle against smoking. Cleanses are designed to flood the body with powerful plant compounds that fight toxins, boost the immune system and restore damaged tissues and organs.
  1. Up Your Protein To Help You Quit Smoking
  • Smoking damages tissues and organs that need to be repaired. A cleanse is a great way to get rid of these toxins, but you’ll also need protein to build these blocks back up.
  • Consider vegetarian protein over animal based foods as you get the added benefit of plant power, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Pro Matcha is a vegetarian supplement that also contains matcha green tea, which is one of the most powerful cancer fighting substances on the planet. Long after you stop smoking, toxins that have built up in your body still put you at an increased risk for cancer. Matcha contains a substance known as ECGC, which inhibits the growth formation of cancerous tumors. It also works against abnormal immune responses so you limit the chance of fighting a cold while also trying to detox from nicotine. You can build your damaged organs back up and reduce the risk of cancer with this all in one product.