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Spagyric Medicine: When Greens, Tinctures and Alchemy Combine

Spagyric Medicine: When Greens, Tinctures and Alchemy Combine

The name Erbenobili might not mean much to you, but the Italian company is one of the key players in the field of spagyric medicine.

Utilising specially-selected raw materials from nature, and relying heavily on both the ancient herbal tradition and advances in modern science, Erbenobili create their impressive line of products at an 800 square metre laboratory in Corato, a town located in the Bari province.

In this blog, we’ll elucidate the key concepts of the spagyric methodology and suggest ways in which Erbenobili’s plant-based supplements could help promote overall wellness.

What is Spagyric Medicine?

Spagyric medicine is the name given to a purely natural method of health care centred not on drugs but on medicinal plants.

It takes the core principle of natural health – that the solutions to many of our common health complaints exist in nature – and puts it into practice.

What might seem like a hippy dream to some is a logical and effective course of action to others. Spagyric products are especially popular with naturopathic doctors and herbalists, many of whom refer to the alchemical process as an ‘art form’.

As you’d expect, spagyric remedies don’t come packaged with the precautions and side effects of drug-based medication. That’s not how natural herbs and botanicals work.

The spagyric process involves extracting active substances and constituents of herbal plants to create pure and organic remedies, the like of which have been used for centuries.

The sophisticated, low-impact process first obtains the essential medicinal elements of the plants – their essential oils, the herbal tincture and mineral salts – before purifying and reuniting them in concentrated formulas.

The word spagyric, incidentally, derives from the Greek ‘spao’ – to separate or divide – and ‘Agheiro’ – to combine or connect.

The high purity, integrity and potency of spagyric products make them a welcome alternative, or in some cases complement, to other forms of mainstream medicine.

Historically they have been used to remedy such issues as indigestion, stress, irregular bowel movements and poor immunity.

The Erbenobili Philosophy

There are many spagyric outlets throughout the world, all harnessing the power of plants to help customers achieve better wellbeing. Few, however, could profess to undertake such rigorous preparation as Erbenobili.

Thanks to the strictly regulated conditions of light, humidity and temperature within Erbenobili’s unique greenhouse ‘pyramid’, the valuable phytocomplex that characterises the plant is extracted and concentrated into a range of high-quality products.

During processing the plant is not subjected to any extractive stress but releases its active principles safely thanks to the energy of both the sun and the moon.

The diffused frequency music piped into the greenhouse also creates an electromagnetic field whose positive vibrations are captured and ‘trapped’ by the liquid.

Incidentally, Erbenobili’s spagyric method uses a red wine solution as a solvent for the maceration process. This is not so strange as it might seem.

In the grapes from which wine is made are all sorts of valuable compounds, from flavonoids and anthocyanins to tannins and resveratrol.

The wine, which undergoes a process of distillation, improves the bioavailability of the plant’s compounds and promotes their fullest activity.

Both the Erbenobili greenhouse and laboratory have won organic certification. You can read more about the company’s analytical quality control process here.

Spagyric Supplements That Make a Difference

Spagyric Supplements That Make a Difference

Although we started with just a few, we have since expanded our selection of Erbenobili products. At present we supply a round dozen, each uniquely formulated to address a specific imbalance in the body.

The herbal plants used in the formulas are carefully chosen for their healthful properties and complexed in such a way as to potentiate their effects.

Multimagnesio comprises five separate magnesium salts activated according to the spagyric method: magnesium gluconate, oxide, pyrophosphate, chloride and stearate.

By providing magnesium in the form of several salts, the bioavailability and efficacy of the mineral is enhanced. We covered the signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency in a recent blog, so it’s worth reading to see if Multimagnesio might be of use to you.

Propgola, meanwhile, is a combination of Italian propolis and plant extracts known to exert a balsamic effect. Extracts include eucalyptus, tea tree essential oil and hedge mustard.

Simply spray Propgola into the mouth when troubled by hoarseness or a sore throat and the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions will get to work.

As validated in analysis by the University of Bari, Propgola demonstrates both anti-fungal and antibacterial capabilities. Analysis also showed it to be an excellent antiseptic, with particular indication for inflamed tonsils, pharyngitis, inflammation of the pharynx and mucous membrane.


Spagyric products are especially popular with naturopathic doctors and herbalists, many of whom refer to the alchemical process as an ‘art form’.

With an ever greater emphasis placed on wholesome natural products, the spagyric process is likely to continue finding new adherents.

If you wish to learn more about these or any of our products, send us a message or better still, give us a call on +44 (0) 1764 662111. We’re always happy to discuss natural remedies and solutions to challenging health complaints.

Know someone who might be interested in the spagyric process? Feel free to link them to this blog. Getting the word out there and helping as many people as we can is – and always has been – our goal.