We have criticised British tap water more than once in the past. While some may think we were unduly harsh, the facts speak for themselves.

Fluoride. Hormones. Pesticides. Chlorine. Nitrates. Heavy metals. Microplastics. When we drink tap water, we are not simply swallowing clean, health-giving H2O; we are very possibly ingesting compounds which can have a harmful effect, particularly over the course of a lifetime.

The following infographic was created by Whisper Pumps, one of the country’s leading independent water pump suppliers.

Whisper Pumps supplies pumps to the agricultural, industrial and commercial markets, and like us, they appreciate our need to drink better water.

If you'd like to drink water free from impurities, take a look at our high-quality water filters. Our most comprehensive option at present is the Energy Plus, an undersink system combining extensive contaminant removal with natural bioceramic minerals to give water that is filtered, alkaline and hydrogen-rich.

Tested by the University of Edinburgh's Department of Engineering, the Energy Plus supplies fresh-tasting structured water with good energy. It is unlike any filter currently on the market.