For many, black seed oil remains an untapped natural resource, a highly pure, antioxidant-rich remedy. For others, it is an integral part of both their wellness plan and their culture.

Yes, black seed oil (or black cumin seed oil) has been traditionally and extensively used for generations, particularly throughout Asia – no surprise given Nigella sativa, the flowering plant which provides the oil, is indigenous to South Asia.

Employed both topically (rubbed onto the skin) and internally for thousands of years, and recommended for a myriad of ailments, black seed oil was said to have been described by the Prophet Muhammad as “a cure for every disease except death.”

In this blog post, we investigate the various uses of black seed oil: for acne, hair loss and herpes, as the title suggests, but also for cholesterol; blood sugar reduction; hepatitis C; rheumatoid arthritis; weight loss; even cancer.

Sceptical? That's quite all right: there are many different perspectives and a mountain of scientific evidence to review. Read on to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of black seed oil.