It is universally known that staying properly hydrated only brings benefits to our lives. We have our teachers, parents, relatives, nurses, doctors, friends, and even random strangers to thank for that.

This little health fact will surely be embedded in the collective human knowledge in much the same way as other catchy phrases like "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," or "a penny saved is a penny earned."

Today, with popular culture focusing an ever-brighter spotlight on the health and wellness world, even more attention is paid to hydration. Celebrity trainers constantly espouse the benefits of staying hydrated, especially during exercise. Carrying water bottles around is a huge trend. And even the sales of sports drinks are on the rise.

Being well hydrated gives us more energy throughout the day, and also helps us to maintain smooth, clear skin. Those wishing to lose weight also know that staying hydrated is essential.

The list of benefits of staying hydrated, then, is long and exhaustive – but how about the bad side of not drinking enough water? Do people really know the havoc that dehydration wreaks on our body? Is it something worth our attention? Let's find out.