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Why Install a Water Filter System in Your Home?

Why Install a Water Filter System in Your Home?

We need water to survive, and it is responsible for every bodily function. Even mild dehydration can cause symptoms like headaches, difficulty concentrating, dry skin, dizziness and tiredness, along with increased thirst as our bodies cry out for hydration.

The type of water we drink is incredibly important as it can affect us in varying ways. Sadly these days we are exposed to all kinds of contaminants in both tap and bottled water including chlorine, fluoride, lead, drug residues such as hormones from the oral contraceptive pill, antibiotics, other pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, industrial waste and bacteria.

While the UK tap water quality is among the best in the world and safe to drink, it doesn’t get rid of all contaminants. Chlorine is also added to the water as an antibacterial to cleanse it from harmful, disease-causing bacteria and other microbes.

While a tolerable daily intake (TDI) has been set, the chlorination of tap water poses potential health risks due to exposure to trihalomethanes (the result of a reaction between the chlorine and natural organic matter in the water), which have been linked to health issues including cancer.

If this sets alarm bells ringing, and you would like to protect yourself and your loved ones, investing in a good quality water filter can purify your drinking water and lessen your exposure to harmful toxins.

Not all water filters are created equal

No filter can strip your water of every contaminant, but some are most definitely better than others.

Many water filters clean the water while also stripping it of essential minerals. Neither do they enrich it with life-sustaining properties.

Some filters only clear your water of a few contaminants, and not all of them can filter out chlorine. Some rely on a combination of technologies while others use just one, so it’s always best to check precisely what any water filter does remove, and ensure a reputable source has verified this.

The characteristics of health-giving water

In his best-selling book, “The Body’s Many Cries for Water”, Dr F Batmanghelidj makes the significant point that:

Water is not a simple inert substance. It is the single most complex element in nature.

“It is made up of two gases, oxygen and hydrogen, but assumes a liquid form. At 100 degrees Celsius, it assumes a gaseous form. At 4 degrees Celsius, it has the highest density, at 0 degrees it becomes its lightest form.

“Why do you think it becomes so light? So that it can float on the surface of a body of water, permitting marine life to survive below. Otherwise – if rivers and lakes were to accumulate ice below their surfaces – nothing could survive a cold winter.

“You see, water is naturally designed to support life.”

Dr F Batmanghelidj goes on to state that the complex nature of water means that it provides both life-sustaining and health-giving actions.

So, it’s not just essential to drink adequate amounts of water for proper hydration; it’s also crucial to consume clean water, with good energy and life-enhancing properties to nourish and nurture your body.

When it comes to health-giving water and water filtration, Water for Health feel that it’s not merely about the purity but also the ability to transform and enhance water into a substance that can genuinely ‘feed’ our bodies.

8 benefits of installing an under-sink water filter

In our views, there are very many reasons why you might consider equipping your kitchen with an under-sink water filter. Here are some of the main ones.

1) You have, on tap, clean and safe water to drink, wash fruits and vegetables, cook and clean with.

2) It can improve the taste of your drinking water as it removes elements such as chlorine that can cause a strong smell and leave an unpleasant taste.

3) Some water filters improve the pH of your water, making it more alkaline and better for your health.

4) Most under-sink filter technology is fast, providing large quantities of filtered water as needed.

5) The filters last longer and are often more effective than pitcher ones, as they are designed to remove more contaminants.

6) If you currently buy bottled water, an under-sink water filter is much more cost-effective long term – and cleaner.

7) They are relatively easy to maintain.

8) They don’t take up vital counter-top space.

And while we have you, here are 5 key benefits of using a filter water bottle.

Introducing the Energy Plus home water filter

The Energy Plus is the perfect choice if you’re looking for high levels of water purification (including removal of both chlorine and fluoride) combined with the benefits of alkaline, ionized water.

It also stimulates the release of active molecular hydrogen (H2). You won’t find this in tap water, and we’ve never observed it in bottled water either.

Over the past ten years, over 1,000 published research papers have discussed the powerful antioxidant properties of H2 and its potential healing powers.

According to the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, H2 reduces oxidative stress (free radical damage) and promotes physiological balance. It encourages healthy gene expression, modulates cell signalling and apoptosis (programmed cell death) while also providing anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

By installing the Energy Plus Water Filter, you will have hydrogen-rich, alkaline and highly filtered water on tap. It removes microplastics, fluoride, hormone residues, drug residues and heavy metals.

It then uses the latest advances in bioceramics (natural mineral crystals in ceramic balls) to enhance the water quality by improving pH balance, providing antioxidants, raising its oxidation-reduction potential, and improving its structure.

This provides not just clean, but health-giving, life-supporting water.


When it comes to health-giving water and water filtration, Water for Health feel that it’s not merely about the purity but also the ability to transform and enhance water into a substance that can genuinely ‘feed’ our bodies.

Not all water or water filters are created equal. It’s essential to ensure that you are drinking water with its own life force to ‘feed’ and sustain your body, give you energy and keep you healthy.

We believe that the Energy Plus delivers high levels of water purification, with the added advantage of breathing life into your water by instilling it with molecular hydrogen and creating pH balance. This imbibes it with life-sustaining properties and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant power.

If water filter installation is too expensive or not suitable for you right now, then consider a Biocera alkaline jug, a simple and cost-effective way to get alkaline, antioxidant-rich water.

Top tip: To ensure the water you’re drinking is well absorbed, get plenty of electrolytes. If you avoid salt in your diet, increasing it may be something to consider – but with good quality ‘real’ salt such as Pink Himalayan Salt. You might also consider taking an electrolyte supplement, particularly if you’re an endurance athlete or regularly doing intense workouts.

If you have impaired digestion or poor gut health, this could affect your electrolyte balance too. So improving your diet, taking probiotics (depending on the nature of your gut imbalance) or Progurt Chloride to enhance your electrolyte balance could be beneficial.

This article is written by Rebecca Rychlik-Cunning, Nutritional Therapist and Homeopath. Follow Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook and Medium, @rebeccabitesback.