During the hot summer days, staying hydrated with good-quality water is a top priority. Additionally, taking measures to ensure that we don’t get burnt in the first place is a must.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so it makes sense that our diet can influence how the skin responds to sun exposure.

The skin is a barrier that protects us from the external environment, including providing protection from UV radiation and air pollution. While food can protect us from the inside-out, we still need to care of our skin on the outside during prolonged sun exposure.

To benefit from their bioactive nutrients, skin-healthy foods should be enjoyed raw. Eating these twelve foods will not only protect the skin from sun damage, they can also help to heal skin that has already been burnt.

Eating these foods will help naturally mitigate UV damage to the skin, but be aware, they are not a substitute for sun screen.

In this article we’ll discuss the top 12 foods that you can eat to boost skin health and even apply externally to soothe burnt skin.