One nutrients that has proven extremely popular in recent years is collagen. In my estimation, it has a lot to offer in terms of dense nutrition to help promote wellbeing.

Although the most commonly-touted benefits of collagen are for skin, hair and joints, it reportedly provides value elsewhere – particularly with regards to helping heal leaky gut, and also fortify the cardiovascular system.

Recently we began distributing the Keto Zone product range developed by prominent US medical doctor and bestselling author Don Colbert.

In a recent newsletter, Dr Colbert gave a resume of the different types of collagen and their uses. Below is an extract from his letter, which you may find interesting and informative.

'There are almost 30 types of collagen that have been identified. And they are not all equal. Some are more important to human health than others. Among these, the different types have different functions. If you want the benefits of collagen powder, it’s important to know which type does what, and ensure that you are taking the right type of collagen for your goals.'