What do you pack when going on holiday? Clothes, sure: attire appropriate for the climate of the country (or countries!) you’re visiting. Sunglasses, toiletries, headphones, perhaps a book or magazine. Some pack heavy, some pack light, but precious few of us venture to the airport with just the clothes on our back.

Just as we stow suncream in our suitcase to stop us burning in the heat, many people pack a modest supply of travel-friendly supplements. Air travel can put a strain on the system, and some of the best travel supplements specifically address the unwanted consequences of travelling at 30,000 feet – bloating, constipation, motion sickness to name a few. The oscillation of an aircraft can also play havoc with our sensory system.

In this article, we’re going to look at some dietary supplements you might consider taking immediately before, during and, in some cases, after you board. Because the last thing you need when going on holiday is to feel under the weather!