Antioxidants are natural compounds in the form of vitamins, minerals and other composites found in foods. They are thought to protect us by keeping free radicals in check and helping to prevent all manner of illness and disease, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

We naturally produce free radicals as we need them for vital functions that keep us healthy; for example, they can help to fight infection. However, when left unchecked, they can become extremely toxic and damaging to your health, eventually leading to death. 

Fortunately, we naturally generate antioxidants to help fight excess free radicals, protecting us from oxidative stress, inflammation and damage to cells that result in chronic disease. But when free radicals outnumber your natural antioxidant defences, trouble can start.

External sources such as environmental pollution, toxic metals, pesticides, cigarette smoke,drugs, and a poor diet can also contribute to free radical damage. Stress can also be a factor, and sadly these days, we are unavoidably exposed to an increasing amount of all of these things.

So eating the right foods and taking care of mind, body and spirit can boost your antioxidant levels and improve your chances of staying healthy.