According to Sasang Constitutional Medicine, which is a facet of Traditional Korean medicine, humans fall into four distinct groups of body type based on their bio-psycho-social traits.

The category of body type can point out the strengths and weaknesses of our organs, as well as our personality traits, possible mineral deficiencies, and psychological status.

The Sasang Theory uses aspects of yin and yang, specifically “greater” or “lesser” yin and yang to classify humans by body type. This typology focuses on hereditary factors that we may have gained from our ancestors, which can play a role in the development of disease. While not taking modern scientific advancements like epigenetics into consideration.

The various body types are said to expose mineral deficiencies, personality traits, as well as the most favourable season for a person of that constitution.

While the classification system seems to work for a lot of body types, I'm not convinced that everyone fits into just one category. Perhaps with so much variation in the human race, the system looks like it could be expanded.

Check it out to see if you fit in any of the classifications. It's fascinating to study the Sasang and Chinese philosophies of body type, as it’s not how we typically view our constitutions here in the west.