We tend to underestimate water, not realising the massive impact it has in all areas of life. From the amount of water it takes to grow food to the amount we use having a shower, humans use a lot of water.

Despite our presumption that the water supply is plentiful, reliable and safe, climate change and modern living is altering our global water supply.

Humans require 60 litres of clean water each day, however modern lifestyles use up a whopping 445 litres. Which means we use more than 7 times the amount of water than we actually need.

Surprisingly, 28% of the average household water usage is  due to flushing the toilet. Flushing the loo costs us 8-15 litres of water each time, depending on flow type.

Water is not only used directly by humans, it’s also required to grow food and make clothing. Most people completely underestimate the amount of water that we use, meaning that scientists are now working on plans to conserve water use. In general, we need to pay more attention to water, as it is an essential but often neglected resource.

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In this article we explore 12 fascinating truths about how much water it takes to produce food, clothing and sustain modern human lifestyles. So that we can choose wisely by cutting back on the most water-intensive activities and products.