Nature lovers the world over have attested to the power of the great outdoors for boosting health and wellbeing. We’ve always intuitively known that time in nature is good for us. But it’s only recently that science has begun to back up our long-held beliefs.

Nature affects human health in many ways. Trees, in particular, provide food, shelter, medicine and offer a firm footing that prevents flooding and landslides. Conversely, they harbour insects, produce pollen and can be a hazard in high winds.

Undoubtedly nature impacts human behaviour and experiences. People love to go into nature, forests and oceans to unwind and relax.

Nature therapy is increasingly popular as a free and easy approach to boosting health. But what does science say?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some scientifically-backed health benefits of nature, and answer the question: how does nature improve mental health?