Ever felt the need for answers? Like your head is filled with cotton wool and you end up going round and round, with no final solution? It's because certainty is one of our basic human needs, and right now we are living in very uncertain times. Uncertainty can lead to chronic stress, which can in-turn weaken your immune system.

Factors that impact our stress response include uncertainty, worry and negative thinking.  Worrying about what’s going to happen is natural. If we don’t get an answer, we’ll keep on looking. Our brains crave certainty. Which can result in perpetual checking of your mobile phone or internet. Adding to the stress, especially when we are presented with draconian measures from the government and media.

What’s more, the hysteria that’s being felt all over the world right now layers on top of our own anxiety. The question is: how do you slow down, and keep calm in times of acute or ongoing stress?

The first step is to understand your body's stress response. So that you can alter your behaviours to produce a sense of ease and calm. In this article we’ll discuss your bodies stress response and choices that you can make to allow you to think clearly again.