The two main powers of life are light and water. They create the geometric fabric of creation. This fabric extends in all directions, expanding throughout the universe.

Although you cannot see this geometric pattern, it exposes itself in nature. That’s why many study nature to reveal the truth about life.

Geometry in nature is circular, while the geometry we were taught in school is linear. Linear geometry is also known as euclidean geometry, and is incomplete: it does not provide answers to natural phenomenon, unlike sacred geometry which has been around for over 3,000 years. At least!

Machines and most modern structures are made with euclidean geometry. While nature uses a different kind of geometry, often referred to as sacred geometry, or the golden ratio. Perhaps that’s why we’ve become so out of touch with nature. We are singing a different tune, creating our own human way, which isn’t in harmony with the laws of nature.

What if we learned the geometry of nature? To allow us to harmonise with nature once again.