Inactivity is a massive problem in modern society, for one reason or another. Be this the fact that we are literally trained to sit for hours on end, for 11 years throughout early schooling, or that most people watch way too much television or YouTube videos. The way of life in the west for most has become an epidemic of inactivity.

This has been exacerbated due to lockdown. Where we’re all literally stuck in our homes for most of the day. Lack of activity can create an increased risk of depression, and other mental health concerns. Not to mention add more than a few pounds to your waistline!

It’s common knowledge that gentle daily exercise can improve overall health. A tight, tense feeling throughout your body can be loosened by going for a walk in nature and you can lose cellulite by going for daily 20-minute jogs.

Movement really is medicine – it enhances detoxification pathways, can reverse chronic illness and boost longevity.

One of the main reasons that movement can drastically improve health is that it trains your fascia.

In this article we’ll explore three free and easy ways to boost fascia health, as well as explain what on earth the fascia is and why you should care.