As a Vegan Health Coach, I am fascinated by how to optimise the vegan diet. Not least, in beneficial ways that will improve overall health.

What I’ve found over the years is that just being vegan doesn’t equal healthy. A lot of vegans classify themselves as “junk food vegans.”

That’s all fine and well – until illness sets in. There’s no escaping the fact that eating sugary processed foods will make you ill in time, vegan or not.

The human body doesn’t do well with hyper-processed foods and, in most cases, eating too much sugar can lead to chronic diseases of all types. Therefore, the idea of going “keto” and being “vegan” makes sense.

Mainly because the keto diet cuts out a lot of the nonsense, e.g. the sugar and processed foods, so you can focus on filling up with more nutrient-dense foods.

But the question remains, can you do a plant-based keto diet? And is there really a dairy-free keto diet that’s safe to follow? That’s what we’ll set out to establish in this article.

I’d like to add that I’ve put clients on a sugar-free, low-carb vegan diet temporarily and reversed pre-diabetes. So I am confident that the vegan keto diet can offer amazing health benefits! Especially as a metabolic cleanse.