Migraines and headaches have long been known as symptoms of inflammation. A natural response to bring healing to an area. When you sprain or bruise any part of your body, it will become hot and inflamed.

Naturally, your body is sending energy to heal, however when there are multiple areas of inflammation, this can lead to chronic disease.

Inflammation has been given much attention of late. Due to scientists finding that inflammation is associated with most lifestyle-related chronic illnesses. In the west, lifestyle-related chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, are the main cause of death.

Which is sad, because simply choosing better daily habits could save many lives.

For this reason, lifestyle medicine is on the rise, providing a global mainstream movement for change. One of the major contributing factors of the development of chronic illness, and thus inflammation, is dietary choices.

Additionally, low-grade inflammation (metaflammation) is characteristic of ageing. Healthcare focus has quite rightly shifted to how we can reduce inflammation by pursuing healthier lifestyles.

One such approach is ensuring that you are consuming adequate amounts of anti-inflammatory foods. In this article, we’ll delve into the 9 best evidence-based nutrients that have been proven to reduce inflammation. So you can pack your diet with these foods as part of your healthy routine.