The pandemic continues to affect our lives – perhaps now more than ever.

“Pandemic stress” is a real thing, and it can lead to a wide array of both mental and physical health issues. Not least, overeating and a lack of physical exercise which impacts weight gain.

Worryingly, almost a third of all adults in the UK are obese, and a further third are overweight. Accounting for two-thirds of the UK population. Think about that for a second.

In the UK, a person is classified as overweight if their body mass index (BMI) is over 25 and obese if their BMI is over 30-40.

The global upward trend of obesity is proving increasingly dangerous to overall health.

Obesity is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease, dysglycemia, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, and hypertension. Additionally, Public Health England and the CDC in America have issued stark warnings about the dangers for those suffering from obesity and the risks of catching viruses.

In this article, we'll dive deep into the scientific findings as to whether overweight people are more likely to catch the virus, and who is at risk of developing serious problems.

Plus 5 steps that you can take to boost immunity and get to a healthy weight to fight off the virus.