Producing an alkaline environment in your body is highly desirable. Why? Because most viruses and bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Your body is designed to keep your pH balance tightly in check. But a lot of factors can impact your body's pH balance. Knowing what affects your body's pH is the first step in making a change.

Whether you’re an advocate of the alkaline diet or not, there’s no disputing that there are some serious conditions that can develop if your pH is not balanced. Not least ketoacidosis (not to be confused with ketosis), metabolic alkalosis and acidosis, and respiratory acidosis.

In all cases, the reason for the pH imbalance is an inability for your body to efficiently excrete waste products. All waste products produced in the body are acidic and must be transformed and excreted.

Unfortunately, modern lifestyle practices can overwhelm the body's inbuilt detoxification and buffering systems. The modern foods that we eat often create an acidic environment in your body, making it hard to release acidic waste.

In this article, we’ll explore the role that pH has in overall health, how to restore your pH balance naturally, plus 7 things that can mess up your pH balance.