Nobody warned you that your skin would go haywire during lockdown, did they? But being cooped up at home takes its toll on the body, as we all know. And our skin bears the brunt of this.

The lack of sunlight, sleep, fresh air, routines, balanced diets, and clear work schedules makes for a perfect storm. Together, these stressors can affect our skin. And our worries, fears, and emotional turbulence only make matters worse.

While psychological stress probably won't cause your skin to break out the minute you go over your deadline at work, dermatologists would argue that there is a close link between skin health and emotional health. Stress triggers the brain to release hormones like cortisol and other chemicals that affect the immune system. They can interfere with the skin's natural barrier and make it harder for it to heal itself.

But the opposite is also true. Skin disease can lead to distress, long-term confidence issues and anxiety. In other words, don't worry; you'll only make it worse – which happens to be the one thing nobody wants to hear when they need help.

So, how can you protect your precious complexion from the stresses of Covid-19? The answer is with a well-thought-out skin regimen.