Disease thrives in an acidic environment, often due to chronic inflammation and fungal infection. For this reason, your body works tirelessly to ensure that the internal terrain is always slightly alkaline. 

A pH of around 7.45 is optimal. Put in perspective, pH 0 is highly acidic and pH 14 is highly alkaline. The pH balance of your body is delicate and can be easily thrown off by acid-forming foods, or a lack (or excess) of exercise. Additionally, stress is an important factor that can throw your body's pH out of whack.

Acid-forming foods also generate high levels of free radicals, which can negatively affect overall health. Which is a double insult to your healthy lifestyle choices. 

Another issue with the acid-base balance of your body is that it’s tied into your hormone and adrenal glands. Which can impact all aspects of your life, especially your mental, emotional and metabolic health. 

Thankfully, our body is equipped with a wide variety of buffering systems that help regulate pH levels. These so-called “buffering systems” prevent far-reaching fluid pH alterations by absorbing excess hydrogen ions. 

In this article, we’ll explore the various systems that control pH levels in the human body; whether bacteria prefer acidic or alkaline environments; the role your adrenal glands play in balancing pH levels; plus 9 simple ways to restore the pH balance of your body naturally.