The pandemic has forced employers throughout the world to adopt new ways of operating, chief among them ‘working from home.’

While some people don’t have the luxury of working from their spare room or home office, the so-called laptop class – those who only need a computer and internet connection to do their job – have been getting to grips with this format on a part- or full-time basis for a year now.

The topic tends to divide opinion – some people love working from home, others can’t wait to get back to the office. Among the former, the appreciation stems from the ability to spend more time at home, see family, stay on top of household chores, and save money, time and stress by eliminating a daily commute. 

Those who yearn for the office, meanwhile, bemoan the lack of social interaction and the unpredictable workday routine. Many experience a sense of disconnection working from home: rolling out of bed and booting up the laptop just doesn’t get them going like the early alarm clock and morning train or car journey.

Whatever camp you fall into, you can’t deny that working from home presents some challenges, specifically in regards to health and fitness.

In this article, we’re going to provide some tips to help you stay in shape while working from home.