A super greens powder is a supplement many of us could do with adding to our daily health regimen.

Doing so can plug nutritional gaps by increasing your vegetable intake and creating a hassle-free juicing experience while still providing benefits.

The quality and nutrition profile varies among brands but any superfood powder worth its salt can supply a wide range of nutrients in a highly concentrated form from an abundance of plant-based sources, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, grasses and algae

Alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, these nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich supplements can provide several health benefits, including preventing disease and supporting your immunity, liver and cardiovascular health.

They can also improve detoxification, energy and digestion, and support skin and bone health.

We are all exposed to an increasing amount of environmental pollutants from the atmosphere, our food, water, beauty, body care and household cleaning products. So, we might all benefit from taking a clean, alkaline, anti-inflammatory supplement. 

A well-formulated superfood powder can provide extra nutrients where our vegetable intake is low, or the vegetables we eat are grown in depleted soils lacking in essential minerals. It can provide robust nutrient density and effectively replenish our dietary intake of valuable micronutrients.

The ingredients in high-quality powders are more bioavailable. They’re usually selected and dried in their raw form close to harvest, compared to the vegetables we buy from the supermarket, which are often less fresh and have lost many nutrients by the time we consume them.

In 2004, the US Department of Agriculture verified a stark drop in nutrient density in our everyday food supply between 1950 and 1999, supporting our need to bolster our daily nutrient intake with a comprehensive supplement.

A complete superfood greens powder blend could be the perfect addition to a healthy diet and preventative healthcare plan.