Whilst many might turn their noses up at another trend, alkaline water makes a difference in many areas of health.

Pure water, in and of itself, is required for every cell of your body to work. When I say “pure” water, I’m referring to water that hasn’t been contaminated by man. Naturally, drinking water should be alkaline.

Take spring water as an example; when it flows over rocks it picks up natural minerals that make the water more alkaline. Meaning, drinking alkaline water is a more natural way to stay hydrated.

Water can help brighten your skin, enhance brainpower and regulate your blood pressure. This is all very impressive, but what about weight loss? How can water aid the removal of fat?

The science is in, and water can indeed help you lose weight. But only as part of a lifestyle change. Water alone can’t do it all.

Exercise, dietary changes and a more holistic approach are required to lose weight and, most importantly, to keep it off in the long run.

Water helps in two key ways - decreased appetite, and increased fat burning.

Let’s explore 5 important ways that water can help you lose weight.