8 natural ways to protect against colds, coughs and the flu

There are many steps you can take to naturally strengthen your immunity, helping to prevent seasonal colds and coughs.  

By taking care of yourself, if you do become ill, you're more likely to overcome it quickly and are less likely for it to recur or to develop post-viral symptoms including fatigue, weakness, headaches, aches and pains and low mood.

If you're a healthy person, there's something to be said for allowing a common cold to happen and just run its course. Sometimes it's your body's way of clearing out the cobwebs, detoxing and re-tuning, and an opportunity for rest, recovery, eating well and staying hydrated.

Many of the tips mentioned in this article are lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your everyday life all year round to support overall immunity and generally protect you from illness, infection and chronic disease.

Read on for 8 healthy habits and tips to prevent colds, cough and flu.