EMFs are electromagnetic frequencies (or electrosmog). We get exposure from electromagnetic fields from mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, cordless phones, computers, smart meters, microwaves, radios, TVs, electrical appliances etc. We also get EMF exposure from the sun and in nature.

Electromagnetic exposure is rising with the rollout of 5G and its 20,000 satellites getting blasted into outer space. Though government and industry say we have nothing to fear from increasing EMF radiation, there's a growing amount of non-corporate research saying otherwise.

Not only is it not safe for humans and pets, but according to hundreds of studies, 5G has a significant impact on the environment, with birds, bees, wildlife and plants being significantly affected.

So, for those of us who are concerned about the health risks from EMFs, what can we do? We need to find solutions. And there are solutions. 

Among other lifestyle choices like daily grounding, nutritional choices can help. Antioxidant-rich foods and certain supplements may ease some of the adverse effects of EMF radiation.