Every part of your body has a protective layer made out of fatty oils.

From small cells to larger organs, this protective layer helps to transport nutrients into a cell or your eyes for that matter.

As well as helping to transport toxins out of your body, like a pair of shoes the fatty acid membrane ensures that your eyes don’t absorb debris, like dust, stones or chemicals.

Therefore consuming enough omega-3 fatty acids is important for overall health. This will offer protection for every cell in your body, not just your eyes.

We heavily rely on our eyesight for most of our daily activities. Having dry, itchy or burning eyes can seriously impact your quality of life. Learning ways to treat dry eyes can help reduce or even eliminate symptoms in some people.

In this article, we’ll discuss what dry eye is, what causes it and how omega-3 fatty acids and other natural lifestyle alterations can restore eye function. We’ll also dive into sea buckthorn oil and the myriad of health benefits it may offer.